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Complete challenges to unlock various achievements. Enjoy the solo gameplay or team up with friends to create the ultimate zoo together in one of the best games from Zoo Tycoon series.

Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection

Zoo Tycoon: UAC is a management simulator video game developed by Asobo Studio and published by Microsoft Studios. The game puts the player in the position of a zoo owner and charges them with taking care of the establishment and its animals. The game features nearly 200 species, including rhinos, giraffes, elephants, lions, etc. The game features a cooperative multiplayer in which up to four players can participate in creating the zoo of their dreams. Zoo Tycoon: UAC received positive reviews from the critics.

Build the most entertaining zoo

In Zoo Tycoon, the player has a free choice of creating and managing their animal kingdom. Thanks to advanced creative mode, the player can create anything from open spaces for animals to graze, enclosures for smaller creatures, as well as amenities for visitors. The game can be played solo or in co-op multiplayer, where four players can put their minds together to create the most fantastic zoo in the world.

Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection

Ultimate Animal Collection features several modes of gameplay to make the game more entertaining. In the Campaign Mode, the player can go through over 20 scenarios prepared by the developers. The Challenge Mode will test the player in various activities, for example, saving a specific number of endangered animals and bringing them to the player's zoo. The freeform mode lets the player enjoy all that the game has to offer without worrying about finances.

Nearly 200 animals to populate your facility

Zoo Tycoon: UAC's main feature are the animals, with which the player can populate their zoo. The animals are divided by species, biome, and conservation status; endangered or extinct-in-the wild animals will be harder to procure for the zoo. Each animal has its zoo fame indicator, showing how much popularity the player can gain from having it among their inventory. The available types of animals include lions, bears, elephants, rhinoceroses, snakes, turtles and tortoises, various species of birds, and more.


Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection received positive opinions from the critics. Reviewers praised the games robust animal roster, variety of customization options, and chance to adjust the gameplay to the player's needs.

Key Features

  • An enormous roster of animals, including nearly 200 different species.
  • Variety of customization options to make an individualized zoo.
  • Solo and cooperative gameplay.
  • Multiple modes, including story campaign and challenge mode.

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