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Youtubers Life is a single-player simulation game delivered by U-Play in 2016. The title is about playing the role of a popular Youtuber and climbing to the very top of the online career, developing technical and social skills in the meantime. The gameplay is based on the form known from popular The Sims.


The game starts with creating a Youtuber with many styles of character customization available. The career begins simply, in the room of the house belonging to the character*s parents. The main point is to create regular content for Youtube, but you should also keep in mind simple tasks like eating or getting enough sleep, as the character's lack of energy can result in a lack of ideas for new videos. In Youtubers Life, it's important to manage your own time to gain more and more subscribers, because more videos mean more popularity!

Youtubers life

Watch the statistics

Depending on the chosen theme of the channel, it is worth paying attention to the stats. Channel analytics are helpful here, so you can track current trends or see a drop or rise of interest. After some time, the Youtuber life will change, as your character will be able to afford his own apartment and even co-workers, who will help with the work on creating new films. As your career progresses, the access to technically better recording and editing tools unlocks, opening up completely new possibilities.

In this Youtuber simulator, it is also important to build relationships with other Youtubers. The game requires socialization, and therefore there are often trips to all kinds of social meetings and parties. You can enter into relationships with other Youtubers, as well as see what kind of impression your character makes on other people.

Channel themes

The content of the created videos depends on the subject of the channel. Everyone can find something for themselves here!

Cooking channel – join the society of influencers in the world of gastronomy and become the best chef ever. Create recipes, inspire your followers, make cooking videos and learn new stuff. Show that your passion is second to none and become a real kitchen star!

Music channel – choose an exciting life in the world of music, compose your own songs, record covers of your favourite artists and share creativity with the world. Commitment is a granted way to the greatest career at the top of the world music scene.

Fashion channel – follow the latest trends, build your brand and make your way into the world of high fashion! Design your own clothes, meet the most important stars of the fashion world and share the experience with your viewers to become a true style trademark.

Gaming channel – record gameplays, review the work of other Youtubers and build your own fan community. Follow the most popular game titles, create the highest quality videos about gaming, buy new releases and better equipment to turn your hobby into the most successful profession in the world of the internet!



Youtubers Life has collected a lot of positive ratings and reviews on Steam. A fresh breeze for the players was revealed in a completely new theme of the game which involves life as a Youtuber, usually distant to most people, which in itself can be very attractive. In combination with nice graphics and elements of the economy, the game developers have created a management video game that is quite engaging, and at the same point great for some chill out time.

Key features:

  • Create your character and make your avatar recognizable all over the internet
  • Choose the theme of the channel and devote yourself entirely to your passion
  • Create videos, publish, and rate the content from other creators
  • Build your community and get subscriptions to gain popularity
  • Attend social meetings and make relationships with other creators

Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Youtubers Life (Xbox One) – Xbox Live Key – ARGENTINA. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Youtubers Life (Xbox One) – Xbox Live Key – ARGENTINA may change over time.

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