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Yakuza 5 is an action-adventure beat-em-up game and is the fifth main installment in the Yakuza game series. The game was released on PlayStation3 in 2013, PS4 in 2019 and PC in 2021.

Yakuza 5 Gameplay

The gameplay is divided into two modes, combat and adventure. The adventure mode allows the player to freely roam and explore the open world as well as play some mini-games. The world has been expanded and includes numerous new locations, with more mini-games and activities making it worthwhile to explore. In the combat mode, you get yourself ready for fighting your opponents in battles filled with action. This mode received certain improvements to play in an even more action-packed way and the transition between modes has been accordingly adjusted to achieve that.

Jakuza 5 main characters

Returning characters

The game presents you with the unusual number of main protagonists, since you play as five of them, with almost everyone returning from the previous games of this series. ?Y5 features the main character of the series Kazuma Kiryu, two characters from the previous installment Shun Akiyama?and?Taiga Saejima, as well as ?Haruka Sawamura previously not playable in the games. The new main character introduced to the game is Tatsuo Shinada.


The action of the game takes place in 2012 when the main protagonist appears – ?Kazuma Kiryu working as a taxi driver to help his loves ones, whose peaceful life does not last long as the tensions between gangs arise. This time the Dojima Legendary Dragon has to decide whether to help his friend or not. ?Other characters get their lives mixed up in the criminal life connected to Yakuza and need to resolve mysteries and fight their way through their own stories.

Jakuza 5

New places

The action of the game will take place in five different places in Japan. The first one, already known to the Yakuza players 每 Kamurocho (Kabukich身). The second one S身tenbori a fictional representation of Osaka district also known from the previous instance of Yakuza. The three new districts that appear in the game are Nagasugai a red-light district in the fictional Fukuoka, Kin'eicho (fictional Nagoya) and Tsukimino (fictional Susukino).


Yakuza 5 game has been warmly received not only by fans in Japan but also by other players from across the globe. The number of activities and freedom of exploring and participating in minigames and events earned it praise from players and critics.

Key features:

  • Play 5 different characters each one having its own background story;
  • Explore five different districts located all over Japan two of them making a return from the previous Yakuza series games and three completely new ones;
  • Check out the two different game modes, the adventure which allows you to explore and the combat which allows you to fight your enemies;
  • Play mini-games and take part I activities during the exploration of the city;
  • Progress through the story and make your own choices.

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