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World War Z: Aftermath will take you to completely new and epic places where you will stand against the might of the zombie horde. New stories will allow you to feel the magnitude of your struggles and reclaim Vatican City in Rome or join forces with other survivors in the cold and unforgiving Kamchatka peninsula in Russia. Story missions include both new and reoccurring characters as well as new types of enemies such as swarms of undead rats that will cause chaos and horror.

The new era of zombie-slaying

With World War Z: Aftermath comes new features that will shed new light on this zombie shooter classic.

World War Z: Aftermath

Stronger together

In this Wolrd War Z expansion, you will be able to join forces with people from other platforms thanks to the crossplay option that will allow players from consoles and PC to play together. You can also team up with up to 3 other people or AI players to decimate zombie hordes.

New perspective

One of the most notable features in World War Z: Aftermath is the first-person perspective. It will pump up your adrenaline and put you even closer to the action. Face the undead horde eye to eye and live to tell the tale!

World War Z: Aftermath

Close and personal

New brutal melee system gives to your disposal a variety of weapons as well as new perks, abilities and even the option to dual wield. So grab yourself some sharp and nasty-looking weapon and cleave your way through the undead horde.

Unique characters

The game also offers a huge variety of eight classes, each with unique progression:the Gunslinger, Hellraiser, Slasher, Medic, Fixer, Exterminator, Dronemaster, and brand new Vanguard class. Each of them has unique playstyles and come with equally unique perks that will provide you with new ways to play.

Key features

  • Go on new story missions that will take you to Rome and Kamchatka
  • Experience the action in fresh first-person perspective
  • Slash zombies in new melee combat
  • Level up one of the eight unique classes
  • Face the undead threat in 4-people cooperative crossplay multiplayer

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