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Shooting Nazis. If there*s one thing that has accompanied FPS games since the very beginning, it*s shooting Nazis. Original Wolfenstein from 1992 was one of the genre-defining games. First-person shooters have come a long way, adapting, and evolving. Yet shooting Nazis have always been an ever-present theme.

In the new saga of Wolfenstein Alt History Collection you can shoot Nazis in good old fashion style with a plethora of different and diverse guns, in many places around the world, from Europe to the United States and back. Meet colorful and fascinating characters, experience adrenalin-pumping adventures and witness the horrors of an alternate-history world where Hitler achieved his dream of world domination.

Wolfenstein: Alt History Collection


Wolfenstein games return to the roots of the FPS genre and focus on fast-paced combat involving a huge variety of different weapons, little to no recoil, first-aid kits found around levels and a variety of enemy types and bosses.

You can hide behind covers to avoid enemy fire and then make your move with a barrage of bullets. Some guns can even be dual-wielded, doubling their destructive power and making decimating the Nazi legions easier and more stylish! Stealth is also a prominent game mechanic that is used often and successful takedowns from the shadows are often rewarded with perks as well as satisfying brutal kill moves.

Speaking of which, games in Wolfenstein Alt History Collection are bloody and unapologetic. You*ll be witnessing and causing a lot of violence and general harm against Nazis in many different forms. But that*s exactly why we*re here!

Wolfenstein: Alt History Collection

Wolfenstein: The New Order

The first game of the new saga, Wolfenstein: The New Order takes the player into a dark reality where Nazi Germany has won World War 2. William B.J Blazkowicz, an OSA agent, is sent to kill a high-ranking Nazi general in one desperate attempt to stop the Nazis. The mission fails and Blazkowicz falls into a coma. He wakes up 16 years later in a world dominated by Nazism. This is where his bloody crusade begins! Gather allies, grab a gun or two, and fight for the little hope that remains in this dark world!

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

A prequel to The New Order takes the player on an adventure with Blazkowicz who infiltrates Castle Wolfenstein to uncover the whereabouts of General Deathshead. The mission goes awry and Blazkowicz nearly avoids capture. Now he must join the resistance and stop Helga von Schabbs from unearthing the underground vault containing occult knowledge previously possessed by German King Otto I. It*s a callback and tribute to the cult classic Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Wolfenstein: Alt History Collection

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

A direct sequel to the New Order will take you on a journey to liberation. You*ll accompany Blazkowicz as he makes another last-minute escape to continue the fight against the Nazi regime. The plot thickens as Blazkowicz takes the role of the Resistance leader and continues to wage war against the Nazis with the help of a completely new cast of characters. It*s time to fight a battle that will send the message to oppressed people that hope is not yet lost. Revolution begins now!

Wolfenstein: The New Blood

Set 20 years after the events of The New Colossus The New Blood tells the story of twin sisters: Jessie and Zofia Blazkowicz who embark on a search mission in France in hopes of finding their father, B.J. who went MIA. On their quest, the two sisters will face the remaining Nazi regime in Europe. The campaign of The New Blood can be completed by two players in a coop multiplayer with each player taking control of one of two sisters.

Wolfenstein: Alt History Collection

Key features

  • Old-school fast-paced FPS combat with modern elements
  • Stealth levels to diverse gameplay
  • Perks and upgrades to maximize your destructive power
  • Bundle of four full games
  • Grimdark alternative history setting

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