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They say friendship comes about when two people complement each other. In?Weakless?, this is not just a mere observation about interactions, it*s a very palpable thing. Lead two characters 每 one without the sense of hearing, the other with no sense of vision 每 through a beautiful, organic, fantasy world filled with challenging puzzles. Use the extraordinary set of skills they*ve developed because of their disabilities, and witness the growing bond between these two very remarkable companions.

The beauty of a true friendship

In Weakless you can control only one character at a time, which means you can*t use the senses of both of them simultaneously. Because of this, you get a unique perspective on how differently they perceive the world around them and at the same time how the two support and complement each other. Deaf being his usual ※whizz in a pinny§ brings joy to the slightly defensive and introverted Blind. While Blind on the other hand, with the power of his calmness, takes care of the ubiquitous Deaf.

Find strengths in your weaknesses

In our world, people with no vision or hearing often have other, sharper, senses. The same is true for Weavelings. Discover the extraordinary set of skills your heroes have, and prove to the world that what*s always been considered a weakness can, in fact, be a mighty advantage.


Fairytale-like world

The game takes place in a world full of wonderful, distinctive landscapes. Your path will lead through caves full of glowing fungi, natural basins, forgotten ruins and more. Traveling through this extraordinary world will lead the Weavelings to experience the adventure of their lifetime and discover the mysterious past that led to their home teetering on the edge of destruction.

Resin is your source of life

Protect the village and the Weavelings' civilization by restoring the steady flow of Resin, the life energy for every living creature in this world. Save the land from the advancing Rot.In Weakless you will:Follow the story of an unlikely friendship that develops wordlessly between the stoic Blind One and the energetic Deaf One;Peek into the Deaf One*s sketchbook and gain a unique insight to what he thinks about this whole ordeal;Enter the beautiful, organic, bioluminescent world of Weavelings, filled with the curious life forms and mysteries of a bygone civilization waiting to be uncovered;Get a glimpse of the artistic vision of how visually impaired and hearing-impaired people perceive the world;Become a part of non-trivial narratives and satisfying exploration enriched with arcade puzzle elements;Experience stunning music composed on instruments from all around the world, such as the marimba, rav vast or udu.

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