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We Happy Few Digital Deluxe Edition (Xbox Series X/S) – Family Group Gift – ARGENTINA


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We Happy Few is a fairy tale which quickly turns into a horror

Hello my friend, in We Happy Few gameplay you are going to take control over typical Joe's. You are a citizen of Wellington Wells. A dystopian city, where everyone is happy. There is no sadness, harm, suffering, or pain. How is it possible, you might ask? Each citizen is obligated to take a regular dose of "Joy". Joy is a pill that the residents of Wellington Wells voluntarily consume to keep them happy and sedated.

The effect of this drug is not only happiness but also memory loss and hallucinations. One day, your characters forget to take their joy and immediately are haunted by terrible things they*ve done in the past, and they each have something they urgently need to accomplish. Now, you will have to stand against not only the government of Wellington Wells, but also against citizens who are so much in denial that they are going to kill anyone who might harm their "happy" World.

Set in 1960s England

Set in a retrofuturistic 1960s, you will find a city ravaged by war and rebuilt by delusionally happy people. Everything looks so happy in Wellington Wells, starting from people, through animals up to the figure of Uncle Jack himself. Only the government knows that the city is about to collapse.

We Happy Few offers you a highly replayable gameplay

We Happy Few has a rouge-like gameplay. In other words, if you die in ※We Happy Few§, that*s it 每 there is no reloading your save. Just like in the harsh reality, death is a game over. However, it is what makes the game special. Each death is a lesson, each new game is a completely new story. Remember that each time you die, you*ll restart in a brand new city, thus it is never going to be the same. You will be engaged for many hours with this game, slowly learning how to survive in the Wellington Wells.

A mature story

The playable characters are not heroes. Each one of them has flaws. They are not heroic at all and they are destroyed by ghosts of their own past. Each one of them has a dark past, which was covered and forgotten because of Joy. While trying to survive in Wellington Wells you will quickly learn, that the scariest thing here is not the city itself but your own past. Don't worry though. The story is also filled with dark humor, hope and most importantly, a chance for redemption.

Create your own story

In We Happy Few, it is up to you how you are going to play. The game is a sandbox, so nothing is going to stop you (except government and crazy citizens) from going to any place you wish. There are many small and big decision which you can make during the gameplay, starting from such as "take your Joy or throw it away), to much harder ones. Craft your own World and story and slowly stand against the false society which held you as a prisoner for so long.

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