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Way of the Hunter is a hunting simulator developed by Nine Rocks Games and released by THQ Nordic in 2022. The title is the most realistic gameplay, set in beautiful natural surroundings. Each blade of grass, animal, or sound has its own life and proves constant changes in nature. Become a part of it and accept the role of the sly predator on two open-world maps in the United States and Europe. Prove yourself in the challenging hunter job to see your own story begin in the most primal setting.

Way of the Hunter


Young River has so far enjoyed life, not bothering himself with any urgent matters. Unfortunately, his grandfather 〞 an experienced hunter 〞 begins to fall ill, and it seems that the family business has no future. It is your day to take over your grandfather's duties. Start working as a born hunter, stock up the local shops with the best meat, and make money by running a ranch.


Way of the Hunter is a first-person hunting game where players become owners of a hunting lodge. Your adventure will start at the ranch, where you can learn the secrets of your new profession. Follow the tutorial and choose from two massive maps – one in the United States and the other in Europe. Each of them is over 140 square kilometers in size, so there is plenty to do!

The game focuses primarily on the hunting process. It is quite a challenge, requiring the use of all available skills, gear, and weapons. Explore the wilderness on foot or by car and choose the best place to start working. Start by tracking down the game, then follow its bloodtrails to shoot it. Sounds easy? You can expect many obstacles on your way to triumph, as the Way of the Hunter has a life of its own. The title features highly realistic changes in weather, time of day, and lighting. In turn, animals behave precisely like in real life – any unnecessary sound can scare them, destroying your hopes for the trophy. It is also better not to hunt the same species too often, as anything can affect the harmony of the ecosystem.

Way of the Hunter

But you can always count on an arsenal of professional weapons. The title features many proven guns and rifles like the Steyr Monobloc, Remington 783, and the Stinger 22. And if you want, you can even use grandpa's old rifle! It is another point that perfectly confirms the realism of the entire game. Each weapon has its perks and flaws – some require more force, while others have worse aiming. You have to learn their physics to get your prey every time. Bullet physics simulation will come to your aid and help analyze the projectile's trajectory frame by frame. And it's worth it because each hunted game is a trophy and income you can use to buy even better equipment. Tired of solitary hunting in this stunning scenery and wild forests? Invite a friend to enjoy the gameplay in an exciting multiplayer co-op!

Key features:

  • Play the most realistic hunting simulator
  • Choose from massive maps in Europe and the United States
  • Explore the meadows, wild forests, and misty valleys to admire the beauty of nature
  • Hunt the game and sell it to earn money
  • Play solo or in multiplayer co-op

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