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Watch Dogs: Legion is a third-person perspective action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft. It*s the third installment of the series, a sequel to Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2. Unlike the previous games, set in Chicago and San Francisco Bay Area, Legion takes place in meticulously reconstructed futuristic London.

The player takes control of the local branch of the hacktivist group called DedSec, who use their computer skills to oppose the authoritarian regime. The game introduces several changes to the gameplay, including a roster of selectable player characters. Watch Dogs Legion was met with positive reviews from fans and critics, who praised innovative gameplay style of the game.

London Calling

The action of Watch Dogs Legion is set in London. The developers made sure to recreate the English capital with care about the smallest detail. In-game London is divided into boroughs based on their real-life counterparts and features many landmarks of the city, such as Hyde Park, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and more. Each location in London has its own cultural style, making exploration a fun pastime for all touristically-inclined players.

London Calling

The Legion*s London can be traversed on foot or in a vehicle. The city*s Underground serves as a fast-travel system, giving players a chance to quickly get from one part of the city to the other. Due to the authoritarian regime ruling the capital, streets are under constant surveillance of cameras and patrols of police and Albion, private security agency, are on the lookout for all troublemakers.

We are a Legion

Watch Dogs Legion introduces several changes to the gameplay known from previous installments of the series. The first and foremost of these changes is the fact that the player no longer controls a single character. Throughout the story, players will get to play as different members of the DedSec group. Each member can be sorted into one of three classes: hacker, stealth, and combat. Player characters can be recruited into the DedSec through completing unique missions.?

Characters in Watch Dogs Legion

The recruitment process depends on the characters opinion of and history with the DedSec: some will eagerly participate in the missions, while others might refuse altogether. The player is able to recruit a large number of characters; however, they can be permanently lost during missions, either captured or killed by the police forces. Outside of missions, the player characters will continue to live their lives. They can also be customized with clothing options and equipped with lethal and non-lethal weapons.

※Hack-sneak-smack§ gameplay

The gameplay of Watch Dogs Legion consists of three core elements. First of them is hacking, known from the other installments. DedSec recruits assigned to the hacker class are able to take over the systems of technical devices located in the city, including surveillance cameras and drones. Stealth-class members can stay out of sight of the police and Albion forces by hiding in the corners. Combat-class DedSecs will take on the enemies in open combat using their fighting skills. Each character class can be upgraded by fulfilling missions and activities. Recruits with a specific background also possess special skills, such as being able to hack easier or fight more efficiently.

Shooting in Watch Dogs Legion

The story of a revolution (will be televised)

London has fallen prey to the authoritarian regime. The cameras on the streets watch every move of the citizen. The police, aided by Albion security agents, root out all signs of dissent. In a city gripped by fear, only a few dare to stand up to the oppressor. They are the DedSec, a group of hacktivists tired of living under the heel of the regime. But they need your help. Join the ranks of DedSec and help them overthrow the tyrant holding the people of London in the cage of constant surveillance. Together, you can return the city to its rightful, free state.

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