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Vermintide is an FPP packed with action

While most games from Warhammer universe are RTS, this time you're dealing with action-packed FPP.The city of Ubersreik was overrun by Skaven. A race of diabolic humanoid rat creatures, enemies of everything. You'reamong the group of five heroes who decided to purge the city of Ubersreik from Skaven. Unfortunately, the task isharder than you initially believed. Now you're fighting for your own lives against seemingly endless horde of theSkaven. In order to be able to survive you have to cooperate with each other. There is no one to save you.

Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

Pick one of five different heroes

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide provides you with 5 different heroes. Each one of them hasdifferent abilities. There is an Empire soldier who is a very aggressive tank character. Able to deal a lot of damageand at the same time, capable of surviving a lot of punishment. Dwarven ranger is a specialist of ranged attacks, whoas he progresses is capable of learning bloodlust. He is a great damage dealer but at the same time, a glass cannoncharacter. The Waystalker is all about killing enemies from shadows and confusing them. Unfortunately, she is notdesigned for a long face-to-face combat. The Witch Hunter Capitan is Jack-of-All Trades type of character while thewizard as the name suggests is capable of destroying hordes of enemies with ease. Your task is to understand abilitiesof all heroes and to complement each other. While alone you're strong only working as a group you're an unstoppableforce capable of destroying Skaven. Only together, you can save the city. Citizens of Ubersreik believe in you.

A lot of loot for you to find

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide is not only a FPP game but it is also a history which takes placein the well-acclaimed Warhammer universe. In other words, during your missions you'll be able to find a lot ofdifferent equipment for each hero. Weapons, Trinkets, head gear, consumables, books upgrade tokens etc. are waitingfor you. The city of Ubersreik is full of riches. The only thing you have to do is to enter the city. If you're braveenough of course.

Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

A dynamic and demanding gameplay

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide gameplay is very demanding and dynamic. You're going to befocused all the time. Individually Skaven are quite weak enemies. However, if you make a mistake then they'll quicklysurround you and tear you apart. This is why you have to be focused all the time. Otherwise, you're going to dieagainst these monsters.

Key features:

  • Cooperate or die 每 team up with your friends, and come up with tactics which will help yousurvive countless waves of the Skavens. Drop-in, drop-out multiplayer, and an addition of AI bots, will help you onyour journey down to the gates of the Underground Empire.
  • Hero Arsenal – Each hero possesses a unique set of weapons which will suit players' combat styleand preferences. Choose from hundreds of swords, daggers, bows, guns and magical staves.
  • Epic Quest – 13 levels, in different environments, will give you the opportunity to experiencethe world of Warhammer as never before.
  • Loot, loot, loot! – At the end of each mission, players are given loot dice which reward themwith special items. Teamwork, and completing side quests are the key to gathering even better rewards!
  • Safety is the key 每 You need to find your path to a safe zone- however, this won't be easy. TheSkavens are incredibly mobile, and can jump long distances making it difficult for you to have a moment of peace.

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