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Valthiria*s mightiest heroes are not born of destiny or prophecy. They were enrolled, trained, and taught in specialacademies. Hero School Story 2 places you in charge of a hero academy to create the next generation of heroes whowill save Valthiria from the dark forces that threaten it.

Take command of the faculty, nurture a unique and ever-changing roster of students, forge alliances with the kingdomswho vie for influence, and earn your place among the most prestigious Hero Schools in Valthiria.

Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2

Combining the RPG and Simulation genres, in Hero School Story 2 you will manage your students by determining theirlearning schedules and courses, building their stats and skills to shape them into the heroes you desire.

These stats are key when sending your students to fulfill quests from people all over Valthiria, defeating variousenemies in strategic turn-based combat and adding to your academy*s renown.

Yet there*s no time to rest on laurels 每 every school year the seniors will graduate and freshmen will enroll, somanaging your academy to fit the dynamic roster of students is crucial.

Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2


  • Create Your Own Hero Academy -As Principal of the academy, your task is to allocate your students what classesand courses to learn, shaping them into the heroes you want them to become.
  • Plan, Forecast, Execute, Repeat -?Foresight and strategic turn-by-turn decisions are critical to succeed inour unique turn-based combat system.
  • Manage a Dynamic Student Roster -?Despite the lure to focus on caring and honing just the best students, asa Principal it is your duty to ensure that every children taken under the wings of your academy thrive.
  • Maintain Good Relations with Four Factions in Valthiria -?As the Principal of the academy in Valthiria, itis also your duty to ensure a positive relationship with the four factions of Valthiria throughout the game.
  • A Vibrant Academy Atmosphere -?Maintaining a balance between hard work and leisure is crucial for successat the academy.
  • That's not all! Pets will also be integral to the academy environment, elevating the learning experience. Theanimals will change each season, further enhancing the excitement of studying.

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