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The Trine series is based on players* progressing through consecutive stages, filled with puzzles and riddles to solve, platforms to jump on, and various enemies to defeat. Each of the characters is specific and possesses different skills. The Wizard manipulate objects thanks to his magic, the Thief is equipped with a grappling hook which make her able to reach distant areas, and the Knight can wreak havoc and destruction among the enemies.

Challenging physics

The game mechanics is heavily based on the physics. The stages are filled with objects and items the characters can interact with.

Trine: Ultimate Collection

Amadeus the Wizard can create magical items and design unique solutions in the most difficult situations. Zonya the Thief is very agile and possesses a useful tool which is her grappling hook. She can grab distant objects and reach normally inaccessible spots. Last but not least, Pontius the Knight can take advantage of his strength. He can wreak destruction and annihilate his enemies with ease.

In order to complete the stages and beat each of the game in this bundle, the players will need to think about the physics. A lot of movable objects and the ragdoll mechanics will make the whole adventure more interesting, but also challenging.

Trine: Ultimate Collection

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

This bundle includes also the freshest, fourth instalment of the series. In Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince the well-known trio is tasked with helping Prince Selius with his nightmarish visions which come alive into the real world. Stop this before the whole kingdom will be doomed!

Key Features

  • The ultimate bundle of the four Trine games!
  • Learn and use the abilities of the Wizard, the Thief, and the Knight to progress through the stages.
  • Play the fourth instalment of the Trine series and stop the prince*s shadows from destroying the kingdom.
  • Play in the singleplayer mode, or do it with your friends 每 up to 4-player co-op (online or local).
  • Enjoy the unique 2,5D graphics in the beautiful surroundings, from ruins and forest, to haunted tombs and castles.

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