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Tormented Souls brings classic horror games back to life. Inspired by Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark series, it offers vintage single-player gameplay with a modern control scheme and dynamic camera. This survival horror game was positively welcomed by the gaming community fond of the model experience of thrillers.


The game is about the search for missing twin girls in Winterlake. Take on the role of Caroline Walker and help her with the hunt in an eerie, abandoned mansion where the horrors of its former inhabitants roam the gloomy hallways. Prepare to embark on an adventure that will literally change your perspective after waking up naked in a bathtub and connected to some scary-looking medical equipment. Are you ready to find out the truth, no matter the cost?

Tormented Souls

Face the horrors

During your investigation, you*re constantly in an atmosphere of impending death. Will you succeed in finding the girls, even if the horrific monsters will try to prevent you from learning the truth? Fight with whatever you have on hand, and don*t let the horrors embrace you.

Keep your sanity up

To get it out alive, it takes more than steady hands and quick reflexes. Scavenge the area and utilize everything you find to your advantage. Combine items to help you with solving brain-teasers and baffling riddles from consigned to oblivion journals. Do everything you can to uncover the mysteries of the blood-curdling mansion-turned-hospital.

Tormented Souls

Control the reality

Little in Winterlake seems to be as it looks. The Tormented Souls video game familiarises us with the mechanic of traversing other dimensions. Look into a mirror and find yourself in another place in time. Through these bright, reflective gateways, an alternate reality can be manipulated in unexpected ways. There is a possibility to modify the horrific image of the past.

Key features:

  • Walk through deserted dark rooms and gloomy corridors of an abandoned mansion. But, are you really alone? Investigate the case of two missing girls and find the truth about what has happened
  • Resist the horrifying atmosphere of the game inspired by two classics of the genre: Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark
  • Find weapons, ammunition, and supplies of all kinds that can give you an advantage over the forces of darkness
  • Engage in combat with various types of hair-raising enemies and spine-chilling bosses
  • Solve mind-boggling puzzles that will remind you to keep your wits about you all the time

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