Time Of War, Arkano'90 (Xbox One) – Family Group Gift – ARGENTINA


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'Peacekeeping Forces' is a military body created by governments, with the purpose of carrying out containmentmissions in the most complex and dangerous conflicts. In this project, you can be part of the elite of the bestpilots in the world and travel to the most hostile areas of the planet for the fight for world peace. Are you readyfor the challenge?

Frantic and diverse combats with Simul-Arcade gameplay, piloting state-of-the-art helicopters in adverse weatherconditions. Face the deadliest enemies such as: Autonomous AI Drones, Android Mega-robots, Armored Worms, LaserDefenses, Floating Mines, Tanks, Helicopters, Nuclear Submarines, and many more… Quite a challenge! Take controlof an Arkano and feel almighty knocking down and destroying everything in your path.

Time Of War, Arkano'90

Key Features:

  • Varied environments from many parts of the world.
  • Pilot training academy.
  • Varied and spectacular Bosses.
  • Optimized to 60FPS like arcade lovers.
  • Replayability in each mission to improve your ranking.
  • Be better than your friends and unlock the most challenging achievements.

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