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The Wolf Among Us is a third-person adventure video game developed and released in 2013 by Telltale Games. The title is based on the famous Fables comic book series by Bill Willingham, and the gameplay divides into chapters. Their course depends entirely on the decisions made by the player. Travel to an ordinary world inhabited by creatures from fairy tales and play as the Bad Wolf to solve the episodic mystery of a brutal murder. It's a brilliant and addictive detective game, collecting overwhelmingly positive ratings on Steam!

The Wolf Among Us


A long time ago, all fairy-tale characters left their world. Now, Bigby Wolf (also known as Big Bad Wolf) works as the sheriff in the Fables community. His task is to supervise order in the lives of fairy-tale characters and make sure they do not reveal themselves. The Glamour spell is helpful, as it allows them to hide their appearance and not attract the attention of other citizens. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford this unique product, and the poorest have to live as outcasts. This situation leads to social unrest and soon – to a brutal murder.


Play as Bigby Wolf and do your best to solve the murder mystery. Start the investigation right away and deal with the problems of fairy-tale characters before it's too late. Explore, collect clues, solve puzzles, and most of all – chat with other characters. You can get a lot of information from each conversation! And the decisions you make have a crucial impact on this drama adventure story.

The Among Us Wolf video game is a story about changing nature and finding yourself in a new place. Its setting is depressive and mature but captivating and intriguing at the same time. You will come across many scenes straight from classic noir films and experience chats leading to fights. Get ready for a fascinating plot, fantastic graphics, dynamic action, and a mystery that will captivate you from the very first second.

The Wolf Among Us

Key features

  • Play an adventure video game set in the Fables comic universe
  • Play as the Big Bad Wolf and fulfill the duties of the sheriff in the fairytale-like community
  • Investigate a case of the brutal and mysterious murder
  • Explore, collect clues and solve puzzles
  • Chat with fairy-tale characters to gather facts and make choices?

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