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The Quarry is a horror adventure video game for PC developed by Supermassive Games and released by 2K Games in 2022. Enter epic interactive drama inspired by classic cinematographic works and the Until Dawn game made by the same creators. It's a night when everything changes and even the most intimate friendships can end in one blink of an eye. Lose yourself in the omnipresent terror and make crucial choices to decide the destiny of your friends.

The Quarry


There is nothing like holiday trips! When the last night of the summer camp finally arrives, its counselors decide to celebrate this memorable occasion with a farewell party. However, the fun quickly turns into the worst nightmare. The quarry hides a presence, and it seems that a pleasant evening with friends will soon turn into a fight for survival. Who will last? And what is the secret of Hackett's Quarry?


Play as characters for a complete picture of the terrifying story. Explore, listen and observe your companions to decide who is useful and who can only slow you down. There is danger at every turn in The Quarry. And a thorough examination of your surroundings can bring you closer to unraveling the mystery of this cursed place. The vital feature of the game is making decisions that will reveal many alternative endings for the entire adventure. The tiniest choice matters and can affect the course of the story. Choose from the dialogue options, make friends, and decide the fate of each of them. Get ready for adrenaline-fueled gameplay where your reflexes will play a leading role!

The Quarry

The Quarry game is a unique survival horror experience starring an excellent cast and refined visuals. The title offers the possibility of playing alone or in multiplayer for up to seven players. Invite your friends and experience the worst night of your life together! Moreover, if you don't feel like playing but prefer to watch instead, turn on movie mode and enjoy a horror adventure from the safe comfort of your own home. It is fantastic gameplay and an heir to games like The Dark Pictures Anthology or Until Dawn.

Key features

  • Play a unique cinematic title from Supermassive Games
  • Manage the actions of nine teenagers trapped in a mysterious quarry
  • Explore locations and examine the environment
  • Make decisions that will determine the lives of all heroes
  • Get carried away by the dark atmosphere of the solo or a multiplayer gameplay

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