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The Outer Worlds is an action-adventure role-playing-game created by Obsidian Entertainment. Set in a Sci-Fi theme, where after years of hibernation youwake up in completely different circumstances than you were supposed to at the beginning of your journey on thecolonial ship. Play your character the way you want with the freedom of actions, but remember that your choices willdetermine the fate of the places you visit and their residents.

The story so far

Halcyon is the colony of humans that once you were supposed to be a part of, but unknown circumstances made your shipdrift in the galaxy for dozens of years. Now after all this time, the colony thrives thanks to the new strictsystem, and you are expected to work for the development of the Halcyon corporation. However, the peace and ordermay not be everlasting as a conspiracy seems to be brewing, threatening to destroy the corporation, and you need tobe the one to stop it. You are to use your skill to the best of your potential and obey the corporation becausetraitors do not have a place in Halcyon.

The Outer Worlds - player in planet


The Outer Worlds is played from the first-person perspective, which helps in creating an immersiveexperience, especially during conversations with the NPCs. You start the game from creating and customizing your owncharacter with a number of appearance options, and a great range of stats that youwill make use of and develop during the game. Obtaining your own brand new space ship is the next step. Even though you won*t be able to control the ship, it serves as a means of transport to various locations as well as additionalstorage space.

You can fight with different types of weapons such as melee or ranged. They are divided into threetypes base on the ammunition: energy, light and heavy. Additionally, you can customize your weapons by addingspecial elemental damage to them. If you don*t like to fight you can try to avoid it by using persuasiveconversational skills or stealth. Players can develop their technical skills such as engineering, medical orscience. Gain experience points and level up your character as well as your companions to unlock newabilities.


While on the mission you can encounter NPCs that can be recruited that will support you in your fights againstenemies, where every companion has its own abilities and special attacks. What is more, the companions canhave specializations. When going on a mission you can take up to two companions with you.Players can interact with companions by choosing dialogue lines as well as acting maniacally orheroically.

Interaction with companion in game

Manage time as you wish

The side effect, of your long-term hibernation, Tactical Time Dilation, allows you to control thebattlefield to an even greater extent, by influencing the way your character perceives time. In this system, youenter the state where you can slow down time and use it to create and take advantage of openings in your enemies*moves. Additionally, this power grants you increased damage against your opponents, and the option to target singlebody parts, applying devastating effects. TTD can only be used for a limited time after which it slowly regenerates,so make use of it in the most appropriate situations.


The Outer Worlds met with positive reception from players and critiques alike thanks to the numberof features included, as well as the freedom of resolving conflicts and completing your quests.

Key Features

  • Travel with companions for safety and interesting interactions;
  • Use the Time Dilation time mechanic for an edge in fights;
  • Get into the numerous systems and statistics of your own character;
  • Travel through space to discover the mysteries and save people of the universe;
  • Try out the multiplayer option to have even more fun with your friends.

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