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The Gunk is an action-adventure game developed by Thunderful Development, the makers of the Steamworld series. The game is set on a distant planet where two waste collectors are trying to get rich by clearing the titular gunk. Soon they realize that the planet holds more secrets than they thought, and the chance of getting rich quickly will turn into a fight for survival. The game features action-packed gameplay with elements of crafting. The initial reception of The Gunk was positive, with the critics noting the visual style and mechanics.

The Gunk gameplay


The Gunk offers the player a chance to do something good for the environment of a distant planet by clearing it of grime and slime that covers its surface. Getting rid of the titular substance will be the player's main task. Using the protagonist's specialized glove, the player will suck in the grime and unearth treasures and resources lying beneath. Clearing the area of gunk will also bring back the vegetation so that the player can see the efforts of their "degunking" flourish before their eyes. The enemies in the game will also be attracted to the gunk, so the player must pick their battles carefully or risk being overwhelmed.

Story Summary

The protagonist of the game and their partner decide to make a quick buck on degunking a desolate planet. As they proceed through the world's surface, getting rid of the toxic grime,they discover more and more secrets hidden under the slimy substance, including ancient ruins, forgotten technologies, and dangerous aliens. Soon enough, the chance for an easy buck turns into a dramatic fight for survival.

The Gunk


The gameplay trailer revealed during the 2021 Gamescom, showing fragments of gameplay involving clearing the gunk, combat, and exploration of the planet's regions, intrigued the critics who noted the unique gameplay and visual side of the title.

Key features

  • A new game from Image & Form Games, the minds behind the Steamworld series.
  • Explore a forgotten planet and clear it from gunk.
  • Unearth treasures, resources, and new passages hidden beneath the slime.
  • Fight alien monsters who thrive on the gunk.
  • Upgrade your glove to take on bigger challenges.

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