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Set 300 years in the dark future, The Callisto Protocol aims to define a new generation of survival horror games. The player must fight an uphill battle from the very start as they are not only thrown into a maximum-security penitentiary of Black Iron Prison but also must face a terrifying plague that transforms inmates into disgusting abominations. Using their resourcefulness, as well as an array of range weapons and hand-to-hand combat the player must fight for their freedom and uncover the mysteries of Callisto, the Jupiter's dead moon.

The Callisto Protocol


In The Callisto Protocol, the player takes the role of Jacob Lee, who was sent to Black Iron Prison. If that wasn't a grim situation already, the prison is thrown into chaos as inmates are starting to mutate into horribly disfigured monsters and guards fail to contain the outbreak. The Callisto Protocol is full of dark and claustrophobic locations, and the game's atmosphere is soaking in the brutality of a prison that has gone to hell. There are many dark and foreboding secrets luring in the shadows of Callisto, cast by United Jupiter Company. And to survive, Jacob will have to face them head-on.


The Callisto Protocol is a single player survival horror and a third-person shooter. As Jacob Lee, the player will have to fight unimaginable monstrosities with a combination of ranged weapons and hand-to-hand combat. Among the array of weapons at the player's disposal is the gravity weapon used by the Black Iron Prison guards to keep the prisoners in check. But it's not as simple as just shooting enemies in the head. To combat mutated inmates you'll have to get your hands really dirty and sever their limbs, cut off their arms, blast off their legs and get really creative with the arsenal at your disposal. It's not just gore for gore's sake, each encounter is deadly and you'll have to do anything necessary to survive this hellscape.

The Callisto Protocol

Key features

  • The grim and oppressive atmosphere of a sci-fi survival horror game
  • An engaging story full of dark secrets to uncover
  • Variety of creative weapons including gravity gun
  • Brutal, tough and gory combat
  • Game directed by Glen Schofield, author of the classic Dead Space

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