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The Beast Inside is a survival and exploration game with psychological horror elements developed by Illusion Ray Studio and published by Movie Games S.A. and Play way for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. The release date was on 17th October 2019, and the game was met with a very positive reception regarding its unique and engaging story coming thriller and horror elements.


This survival horror adventure begins with Adam, a CIA cryptanalyst, leaving the town with his wife and heading for the countryside. He believes he is in dire need of a peaceful and remote place, such as a forest, to continue his work breaking the military code. His success is of utmost importance as if he breaks the soviet cypher, the course of the Cold War could be changed immensely. However, the countryside he believed to be the much-needed asylum proves to be the complete opposite.

The Beast Inside

Gameplay and Plot

The Beast Inside video game focuses on the story aspect and thus is a first-person plot-oriented type of game. The constant feeling that the player is watching a movie while making their own decisions glamorizes the whole experience.Following his arrival in Blackstone, Adam finds an old diary in the attic.It appears it was written by the former habitant of the house, Nicolas Hyde. Upon opening the memoir, the demons of the past become a grave danger in the present. As the player progresses through the game, the stories of both men are nearing the conclusion – Nicolas versus Adam. Who will stand victorious and stay alive?

Key Features

  • Experience a rich world with an intriguing story to tell.
  • Embrace the realism of the game thanks to the use of scanned 3D objects.
  • Play as two separate protagonists in different centuries – Adam and Nicolas – and discover their fates and how they are intertwined.
  • Solve mysteries along the way and decide for yourself how the journey will end.
  • The horror becomes real – experience the terrifying aspects of the game thanks to photogrammetry used in the production.

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