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Temtem game is an MMORPG with action presented in isomeric view developed by Crema studio, known for creating a shooter called Immortal Redneck. The game features the campaign which can be shared with other players. Together with friends, we can explore the world, complete many different quests and of course catch and train fantastic creatures called Temtem. While developing the game, developers have drawn inspiration from worldwide-famous Pok谷mon.?


The world presented in Temtem is called Airborne Archipelago. The lad is habited by people and many species of fantastic creatures called Temtem. For a long time, people and the said creatures live together, helping each other. Temtem are often helping people in work and are treated as friends and pets. There is also a popular entertainment among the islanders 每 a sport involving duels of the title Temtem. During the gameplay, the player becomes Temtem trainer and begins the journey across the islands of the archipelago, searching for the most rare and unique species of those magnificent creatures.

Temtem game

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay in Temtem to a large extend involves exploring. The fantasy world of the Airborne Archipelago consists of six islands. Each of them has its unique features and of course, unique species of Temtem. While traveling through the archipelago, players will visit places like a hot desert, vast savanna, dump swamp, steam-punk city and many more. Catching and training wild Temtem is the second main activity in the game.

There are over 150 different species of those creatures and each of them represents one of 12 elements. The strengths and weaknesses of our pets are based on the elements they represent. That mechanic is known as the circle of elements. It is worth mentioning that the game features a simple breeding system. For example, the connection of two specimens of one kind will create even more powerful creature. Duels between trainers are usually 2v2 where each of the participants is represented by two Temtem.


Encounters are turn-based and the player has to strategically decide about the action of his team, similarly how it was in famous Pok谷mon games. It is worth to mention that the game allows us to buy a house and freely decorate it to fit our preferences. Players can also customize their characters including different hairstyles, accessories, clothes, and gender.

Key features

  • Unique environments of the Airborne Archipelago 每 during your adventures you will get a chance to visit many different places like swamps, deserts, and crowded cities!
  • Engaging Story Campaign 每 travel across the Airborne Archipelago and become the greatest trainer of Temtem in the world!
  • Temtem 每 over 150 different species of those wonderful creatures are just waiting to be tamed!
  • Customization 每 adjust your character however you like! Buy yourself a house and decorate it!
  • Cooperation 每 invite your friends and explore the world together! It always better to have a company!

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