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Times are hard, aren't they? Sometimes you have to start bending the law to the limit to make ends meet. And sometimes you have to get completely off the track of the law and take the crime seriously!

Teardown Gameplay

In Teardown, we play the role of a thief who plans and then performs his attacks. Our protagonist works in a company that is falling into more and more debts day by day and which has more and more difficulties with paying them off. To earn some extra cash and help you get out of the way, you'll need to tackle a whole new face – thieving. The first orders will, of course, be simple and quick to execute, but with time we will increase our reputation and we will not be afraid of stealing luxury cars or even destroying entire buildings.

Teardown pc

In this heist game, we have an unbelievably large possibility of influencing the environment. As we can read, "Teardown is built on novel technology for voxel destruction, physics, and rendering in a proprietary engine", that is, a system known, for example, from the popular Minecraft, was used. Thanks to this, we can demolish and destroy virtually every element on the map, as well as interact – e.g. by placing chests high enough to get to a high location or using a hammer or explosives. It is also worth mentioning the advanced use of a special engine, which has a positive effect on the physics of the game – liquids, smoke, or collapsing structures behave very realistically. Remember, what matters is the goal, i.e. theft and then evacuation from the crime scene – whether we escape using our cunning or destroying entire walls in our way – it's our business. Money and success count!

The Teardown is a first-person perspective (FPP) game. The graphics based on voxels pleases the eye and satisfies the player with an appropriate level of realism, obtained, among others, thanks to the use of technological possibilities (ray tracing). The game also – thanks to any destruction of the environment – provides countless opportunities to reach your destination, which makes each game unique and possible to complete in many ways.

Teardown game

The Teardown game is currently in Early Access. We have the option to play in sandbox mode, i.e. we can have fun without looking at the goals or in creative mode, where we can create our own maps. The producer, Tuxedo Games, announces the implementation of further elements, such as the mod support function. The game already has great potential – and it promises to do more.

Key Features:

  • The ability to destroy everything in its path
  • Lots of different ways to achieve your goals
  • Various fun modes
  • Continuous development of the game
  • Voxel-based graphics and mechanics

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