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Have you always wondered what the world might look like in a post-apocalyptic, gloomy reality? Thanks to Surviving the Aftermath you will be able to find out about it. Moreover, you will be able to build this world as you wish.

Civilization is in ruins. All-natural resources are difficult to access, and thus – very desirable by everyone. You must create a safe enclave, a haven for weary people in which they can take refuge and can trust. It's up to you what shape it will take and how it will be able to withstand the brutal, hostile environment. Going beyond its border, you may encounter allies here and there, but battles with bloodthirsty bandits and renegades ready for anything seem more likely. Don't hesitate to enter the bloody, obscure world – try to tear a piece of land out of it and make it habitable. Tight, decent walls are an absolute must – if the enemy breaks in, it could end up in a massacre.

Surviving the Aftermath

Even though the world has been largely destroyed, you are still not alone in it – remember that! Every decision you make will echo and affect your relations with other colonies. As a responsible leader, you must maintain your reputation, which can later translate into easier trade relations and several other benefits. Make wise decisions – the environment will react to each of them. Become a city builder who will be famous in this ruined universe.

Surviving the Aftermath game is produced by Iceflake Studios and published by Paradox Interactive. It is an addictive simulation of the post-apocalyptic world, a strategy game in which we will personally manage all matters crucial for the survival of our colony. We also have 61 unique, refined buildings, each of which has a separate role to play. Choose wisely, because bandits are not the only threat; also natural disasters can be a huge challenge to your colony.

Surviving the Aftermath game

The apocalypse does not choose – to oppose its effects, you will have to seek help from others. More than 40 specialists are at your disposal, each with unique skills and their own, not always clear, motivations. They will be your people who boldly explore the world beyond the gate, where you will be able to send them on various missions – for example, search or reconnaissance.

The Aftermath game was released on October 20, 2020, and was warmly received by players and had good reviews. It is not surprising – a very atmospheric post-apocalyptic world with its own dark atmosphere is very absorbing. The difficulty level was also appropriately optimized and set to a satisfactory level. The positive reception of the game is also influenced by the atmospheric 3D graphics.

Key features:

  • The climatic, post-apocalyptic world.
  • Moral choices to which the environment reacts vividly.
  • Original strategy with many paths to choose from.
  • Gloomy 3D graphics adding atmosphere.
  • The advanced system of unique specialists.

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