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Street Fighter 6 is the sixth part in the legendary series of fighting video games, developed and released in 2023 for PC and other platforms, alongside the arcade version in Japan. Powered by the innovative Capcom RE ENGINE, it takes every fighting experience to a new level of realistic fun! Choose your hero, discover new game modes, fight in multiplayer, and get carried away by intuitive controls to the dynamic soundtrack guaranteeing your ultimate victory.

Street Fighter 6


Like previous installments in the series, Street Fighter 6 game features spectacular duels with other iconic characters – with two new gameplay modes included! Choose from a base roster of eighteen characters like Chun-Li, Ryu, Kimberly, and more to learn their unique fighting styles and win.

Play in three available modes: the classic Fighting Ground or the two new World Tour and Battle Hub. The gameplay focuses on dynamic one-on-one fights set in various arenas of the world map, revealing the details of street culture. Fancy a classic Street Fighter experience? Play Fighting Ground mode! This time enriched with the innovative Drive System, allowing you to fight as you want and choose from five available moves until the Burnout state. Enjoy three revolutionary control systems: modern, classic, and dynamic, to adapt your skills to your preferred gameplay style. Now, you can also enjoy real-time commentary to accompany your fights, provided by pros like Steve "TastySteve" Scott or Jeremy "Vicious" Lopez.

Street Fighter 6

But don't forget the two new modes! Play World Tour and discover a story-driven single-player mode about climbing to the top. Design your unique avatar and embark on a grand adventure worldwide to fight, make friends, learn and have fun in hilarious mini-games. Or use the same avatar and enter a more social Battle Hub. It's a place where players can fight with each other, meet or chat. You can also play classic arcade games with each other or enjoy various events!

Key features:

  • Play the sixth part of the iconic fighting game series from Capcom
  • Choose from eighteen playable characters – classic and newcomers
  • Play one of three epic modes: Fighting Ground, World Tour, or Battle Hub
  • Adjust the controls to your preferences and play the way you like
  • Enjoy updated audiovisuals tailored to our times

Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Street Fighter 6 (Xbox Series X/S) – Xbox Live Key – ARGENTINA. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Street Fighter 6 (Xbox Series X/S) – Xbox Live Key – ARGENTINA may change over time.

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