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Stray is a very unique indie game that takes a classic adventure, exploration and puzzle-solving and spices it up with a cat's perspective. Not to mention an intriguing and mysterious cyberpunk world populated by robots. If you want to go on an unforgettable adventure and are a fan of cats, cyberpunk or both, then boy, will Stray be a treat for you.



In Stray cat game, the player takes control of a stray cat who's lost in a forgotten and forsaken cybercity whose residents are primarily robots. Our nimble and fuzzy protagonist must brave this unfamiliar and often dangerous world to find its family. Stray will take you on an unusual adventure through gloomy, neon-lit streets, tight corridors and dark tunnels. On your journey, you will also meet B-12, a little robot who becomes your companion and is a key in interacting with other robots and various objects.


The gameplay is very straightforward but immensely enjoyable. You will be primarily exploring this dark and unusual world. It's worth remembering that Stray is not a platformer and while as a cat you can jump over roofs and branches the game makes sure you will not fall most of the time. That wouldn't be very cat-like, now would it? You will also be solving puzzles using the environment and your little robot companion. Speaking of the devil, B-12 will also store data which will help you piece out clues about the world and its residents.?

Besides that, the strayed protagonist will have to avoid enemies by being sneaky and hiding or, if that doesn't work, run from them. It gives a bit of tension to an otherwise very calm and relaxing game.

And it can't be left unspoken that being a true cat you will have the dedicated key for meowing as well as being able to take naps in certain spots. How could someone play as a cat without it?


Key features

  • An unusual but extremely fun experience of playing as a cat
  • Dark and atmospheric cyberpunk world to explore
  • An uncomplicated but engaging exploration
  • Puzzles to solve and secrets to uncover
  • Stealth and escape sequences to spice up the gameplay

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