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Strange Brigade is a 2018 TPP co-op action game, developed and published by Rebellion Developments, the studio known for such series of games as Alien vs Predator and Sniper Elite. In Strange Brigade, the player takes control of one of four members of the titular brigade 每 Secret Service agents sent to stop the spirit of an evil Egyptian queen from taking over the world with her army of undead. The game focuses heavily on cooperation between players, using various types of weapons and environmental traps to deal with the opponents, as well as employing special skills of each agent.

Strange Brigade


Strange Brigade (PC) is a third-person perspective shooter game, which is why the main focus is put on that aspect of gameplay. The player has a choice of four characters to use during the game. Each of the characters uses different types of weapons. The main types of weaponry include a machine gun, double-barreled shotgun, a rifle and a repeater. All characters are also equipped with a pistol and throwables, like dynamite, grenades and Molotov cocktails.

Player characters possess various passive abilities, like increased health, using melee attacks to drain health and many others. Characters can also use amulets, which give them special powers. There are 16 amulets in total, with four specific ones per character.?Strange Brigade features three gameplay modes. Campaign mode takes the player through the main story of the game. Horde Mode pits players against waves of enemies and multiplayer enables an ultimate co-op experience.

Strange Brigade

Story summary

4000 years ago, a cruel queen called Seteki ruled over Egypt. Her subjects rebelled against her and imprisoned her spirit in a tomb. Millennia later, archaeologist Edward Harbin found the queen*s resting place and released her vengeful spirit. To prevent Seteki from taking over the world with her army of the undead, the British government sent a group of four Secret Service agents, hailing from different parts of the Empire, to stop the threat. They are the Strange Brigade.


Strange Brigade received largely positive reception from players and critics. Among the strong points of the game, they named the fun of playing the game in both single and co-op modes, the pulp magazine dynamic feel of the plot and setting as well as a variety of collectibles to be found. Players shared a similar opinion, adding to the praises the sizes of maps and their optimization and different options of eliminating hordes of enemies.

Strange Brigade

More information about product

The genre of co-op multiplayer action games is thriving right now. Wherever we look we can find titles boasting characteristic features of games such as Left 4 Dead 2 or World War Z. With this many titles, it might be hard to decide which one to choose. Well, if you have to do it, then choose Strange Brigade. It offers everything you*d expect from an excellent action-adventure game, with the added appeal of being set in 1930s Egypt, bring to mind the setting of classic movie series The Mummy.?Strange Brigade can be yours now as downloadable Steam Key.

Key Features

  • Egyptian setting inspired by the classic movies of the 1930s and 40s
  • Four customizable characters to choose from, each specializing in a different type of weapons
  • Special amulets let players use various skills
  • Huge maps riddled with traps make the gameplay fun and demanding tactical thinking
  • Single player and co-op mode means you can tackle the horde of the undead alone or with friends

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