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Stranded Deep?offers a great and difficult survival experience with the best elements of the genre. You will be gathering resources, crafting tools and building shelter as you develop your skills. The game has been positively received thanks to non-linear progression and replayability due to the procedurally generated world that players can explore both on land and underwater.


The premise and plot of Stranded Deep are extremely simple yet effective and believable. You*re a survivor of a plane crash who must survive on a deserted island with no outside help. You start with some basic equipment and a neat watch that can help you monitor your condition but the rest is up to you, your survival skills and your wits.


Survival gameplay

Firstly, you*ll need to take care of your primary needs such as hunger or thirst. Dehydration can prove just as deadly as any predator. But beware, as it*s not so easy to acquire drinking water in the middle of nowhere. For example, coconut milk is a good idea but drink too much of it too quickly and diarrhoea will dehydrate you. You need to think about the choices you make and plan ahead.

As you will battle hunger and thirst you must also take into account local fauna. The ocean is teeming with life. Some animals are fairly harmless and make a good source of food while others are… a bit more problematic. Sharks especially can make your life harder and you need to learn which sharks are the most threatening. Survive long enough and maybe you*ll even stand against the most dangerous enemies who grant special trophies and boons upon defeat.

Use your crafting skills to construct a shelter or a raft that you can use to explore the islands in search of resources. You can adjust and customize your rafts so they can suit your current needs the best, whether you need speed, space or sturdiness. But remember to properly anchor them. You wouldn*t want the fruits of your hard labour to be taken by the currents, would you?

You can experience all of that in single-player or with a friend in an online or a local co-op multiplayer. Remember, in Stranded Deep two heads are better than one!

Key features

  • Difficult and unforgiving survival gameplay
  • Crafting and building system
  • Procedurally generated world that holds surprises every time
  • Online and split-screen co-op
  • Island editor mode to have fun in a casual, creative way

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