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The name Sifu is what they call a skilled person, teacher, master, tutor, and father in Cantonese. It*s also known as Shifu in Chinese. ?In English, you can translate this term as "master". Hence if you ever wanted to be a master kung-fu specialist, now is your perfect opportunity. What are you waiting for then? It is your time, young hero.

Plot straight from action movies

The story revolves around a young man seeking revenge against the people who killed his family. The main character uses kung fu to defeat his enemies. There is no denial, that the story is actually rather simple and straight forward. However, that was the point behind it. If you remember old kung-fu movies from the 80's then you probably remember, that all of them had really simple story, which lead to betting other people up. However, this game actually have slight twist. Sifu's special gameplay mechanic (and part of the plot for that matter) is that every time you die, time advances significantly, and you come back as an older, more experienced fighter. If you ever wanted to participate in your own Kung-fu story, this is your perfect opportunity. Be like Bruce Lee or Jean Claude Van-Dame in their best movies.


Interesting twist in the widely known genre

It should be noted (and it is not a surprise at all) that developer Sloclap knows how to craft combat games. They made Absolver, which essentially had you crafting your own martial arts style. Still, there is no denial, that if you played such games like Double Dragon, Mortal Kombat, Final Fight, Fighting Force, any Dragon Ball Fighting game etc. then you've seen it all. The basics here are similar. The importance of hand-to-hand combat, as well as mixing various attacks, to create powerful and devastating combos. There is no surprise here. Still, the game has one feature, which might be a surprise for all of you. Even the most skilled players and specialists of this genre.

One feature Sifu has that the other games lack is that the character doesn*t die. Instead, he comes back to life every time he dies due to a magical pendant, with one side effect: he always comes back a little older. Thanks to this, the character becomes stronger with each encounter. Even if he loses the first battle. Some of you might ask though, is he not going to become fragile, slower and weaker due to old age? Well, if you ever watched old kung-fu movies, then you know that this is not true at all. After all, how old was mister Miyagi when he kicked Kresse ass in the Karate Kid franchise? Not convinced. Then how about this? Master Roshi was over 300 years old when he trained and fought against both Goku and Kuririn in Dragon Ball (and he won we might add). Pai Mei, Sifu of Black Mamba in the Kill Bill franchise, was over 1000 years old and he was still untouchable for any other warrior. IT took a literal treachery to put him down. Hence, as you can see, the age is not going to make a negative impact on your skills. ?To the contrary, it will allow you to become a Sifu.

Interesting gameplay features

Sifu incorporates many different and amazing qualities from kung fu movies. Making use of hand-to-hand combat, you also fight many enemies at the same time while using the environment in order to gain an upper hand in the battle (just like Jackie Chan does it in his movies). In order to become a master, you have to learn how to properly utilize all techniques you have at your disposal. You will be able to mix together various attacks in order to create very powerful combos. The game is relatively easy to learn. However, it is hard to become a master (or as he is called in this game, a Sifu). However the payment for your training is really great. If you love fighting games, then you are going to feel great with this production. Furthermore, developers made a lot of effort in order to make Sifu a really beautiful game with a wonderful soundtrack. You can trust us on one thing. You are not going to be disappointed with this game. What are you waiting for then? Grab the controller and start your quest for revenge, salvation and most importantly, redemption. Your family members are not going to get peace, unless you get revenge on their killers.

Opinions of critics and gamers

It should not be surprising at all, that Sifu got positive reviews from gamers as well as from critics. There are a few things people noticed and enjoyed. First of all, they pointed out an interesting and enjoyable plot. They stated, that it is like taken straight from 80's best Kung-Fu flicks. Furthermore, they pointed out interesting gameplay mechanics. Especially the ability to come back from dead a little bit older, in order to become a real master. Furthermore critics and gamers also enjoyed the fact, that the game is supported on many different platforms. Not only on the PC. ?The graphics and sound are just the tip of the iceberg. It is a perfect Kung-Fu game for you to enjoy. It perfectly represents all things we love about Kung-Fu movies. If you ever wanted to be like Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, now is your chance to do so.


Key features:

  • Become a star of your own 80's like Kung-fu flick and fight with tons of enemies;
  • Become older and wiser with each death. In the end of the game, you will be a real Sifu;
  • Fight for revenge and kill people, responsible for painful demise of your family;
  • Utilize your skills and abilities in order to become the most powerful being in the world;
  • Join together various attacks in order to create amazing combo attacks;
  • Destroy powerful bosses but remember, you need a proper tactics to be able to win against them;

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