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Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure game about pirates that gives players a unique opportunity to explore vast seas either solo or in groups. While there*s no goal in the game and you*re free to tailor your own journey, you*re encouraged to participate in various activities that reward you with gold that can be later spent on a variety of goods.


The Sea of Thieves game focuses on sailing across the sea and exploring dozens of small islands in search of valuables. You*re a pirate and all you really care about is how to become filthy rich, so you*ll have to hunt for treasures or steal from other players. Fight, build your reputation, and become the king of the seas. Let your name be known in the shared online world 每 watch your opponents flee in terror like the chickens they are.

Sea of Thieves

Focused on Multiplayer

Sea of Thieves is played exclusively in multiplayer. While playing solo is a possibility, it*s highly recommended to find a group to play with, as cooperation is where the game truly starts to shine. You*ll be playing in the same world as players who form parties so you*re always at risk of being attacked and solo players are usually easy targets 每 lone wolves are naturally at a disadvantage.

Only when you*re playing together with other players, you*ll be able to efficiently use bigger ships. That*s because most of the tasks on the ship are designed to be performed manually. This means that one player can be responsible for steering, someone else may take care of the cannons, and someone else will be tasked with doing repairs in case of emergency. Splitting responsibilities is what makes the experience fun and causes everyone to feel important, as all the tasks are equally crucial to achieving success.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves 2023 Edition Extras

Sea of Thieves was originally released in 2018 but it*s a game that regularly receives new updates that make the experience more varied and interesting. To celebrate the game*s 5th anniversary, developers prepared a special 2023 edition, which means it*s now a better time than ever to start your journey.

With Sea of Thieves 2023 Edition you get instant access not only to the base game but also to all of the permanent content that has been released since launch. Moreover, you*ll be rewarded with 10,000 extra gold that will allow you to jump into action right away. And on top of that, you*ll also get some extra skins, allowing for additional customizability.

Key features

  • A pirate-themed action-adventure game with a huge shared online world
  • Multiplayer-oriented gameplay that favors teamwork and cooperation
  • Polished, stylized visuals that create a unique atmosphere
  • Extra bonuses with the 2023 edition 每 enjoy additional starting gold and cosmetics

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