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Rust Console Edition is a survival action game developed and released by Facepunch Studios in 2021. Enter the challenging open world of fierce multiplayer gameplay and fight for your survival! The title combines elements of crafting, building, and combat, which makes it similar to video games like Minecraft or DayZ.

Rust Gameplay

In Rust on console, all that matters is your survival. Take control of your hero and introduce him to a post-apocalyptic world dominated by the power of nature and combat. Start with nothing at hand! Armed only with a torch and a stone, you will have to develop a plan for managing your own piece of land. Satisfy your essential needs and build a shelter. Collect food, clothing, and resources. Build a hut that you can transform into a real fortress in the later stages of the gameplay. Unlock new weapons and achievements and fight for the food!

Rust Console Edition BUILD

In Rust video game, everything will want to kill you: hunger, coldness, animals, and even other people. If you die, you lose all your equipment and have to start your gameplay with nothing. Learn from your mistakes and use the knowledge you gain to survive! In this multiplayer-only video game, you will meet both NPCs and other players. Both groups can offer help and become a deadly threat as well. Get to know each other, forge alliances and build the most powerful fortress together. Or fight for the winner to get all the equipment the opponent had so far.

Explore an open world full of hidden treasures! Collect raw materials and enjoy the extensive crafting system. Create simple tools and accessories that will keep you alive. And then produce more and better! Make clothes, provide yourself with a source of fire, gather supplies, and expand your base. Collect more and more resources to be able to build even larger buildings and vehicles. Watch out for airdrops! Special airdrop crates can greatly support the expansion of your projects. Just be careful as other players are ready to fight for them.

Download Rust Xbox One Console Edition and enjoy the survival experience available on your console! You can also buy Rust Console Edition Deluxe or Rust Console Edition Ultimate to get access to various bonuses and additional content.

Rust Console Edition SURVIVE


Since its release, the game has recorded exceptionally good sales and a huge number of active players on the servers. Rust fans on Steam praise the title for the variety of possible activities, the lack of repetition, and the ability to join a massive community of players. The game is addictive and definitely unpredictable.

Key features

  • Play survival MMORPG on Xbox One, loved by gamers on Steam
  • Start with nothing, collect resources and expand your base
  • Learn crafting and create better and better items
  • Join the gaming community and invite your friends to the game
  • Fight to survive in a harsh post-apocalyptic world
  • Play solo or with others and build the most impressive fortress together

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