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Remnant 2 is a third-person action title developed by Gunfire Games and released by GearboxPublishing in 2023. In this new sequel to the phenomenal crossplay Remnant: From the Ashes players explore farawayworlds to save humanity from unexpected extinction. Playing solo or in co-op, you will unlock access to powerfulweapons and confront mighty enemies desiring only your agonizing death.


An interdimensional virus force 〞 known as the Root 〞 has finally wiped out humanity, and it seems allhope is lost. But someone comes up with an intriguing idea that can change everything. If the last survivors travelto other worlds and fight the ultimate enemy at its core, all reality has a chance to prevail. This, however, may bethe most dangerous mission in history.

Remnant II



Remnant II is a dynamic action shooter with RPG features in which solo or cooperating players fightmultiplying enemies. The adventure begins with character creation – choose one of the available archetypes and enjoythe unique skills of different classes developing throughout the levels. You decide how this heroic adventure willshape you! Everything in this title generates procedurally, so each playthrough means a whole new experience andcompletely unpredictable obstacles.


Inspired by unforgiving soulslike titles, Remnant 2 video game features an exceptionally darkatmosphere of desperation and endless danger set in the most bizarre worlds and dimensions. Players can createunique builds to survive this trial. And adopting a chaotic or strategic approach, they will either grow aschampions or fail. Choose your weapon, work with the team, and do whatever it takes to save a familiar reality fromfinal doom!


Key features:

  • Play the direct continuation of Remnant: From the Ashes from 2019
  • Choose an archetype, decide on a subclass, and create an unbeatable hero
  • Explore unknown worlds, fight horrifying enemies, and save remains of familiar reality
  • Enjoy soulslike procedurally generated adventure
  • Play solo or in co-op for up to three players

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