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The wonderful, great, cruel Wild West has always ignited the imagination and stimulated the senses. Tough guys with a cigarette in the corners of their mouth and a gun on their shoulder in leather hats are both bandits and law enforcement officers, while the unspoiled horizon offers what is every human dream – freedom.

Maybe it is time to play as an unlimited cowboy, having his own moral code and acting according to his own rules? Rockstar Studio meets the dreams of many players and provides Red Dead Online – a giant, independent, standalone game that will take us to a colorful, picturesque world, known to some of the iconic Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Online

RDR Online is amazing, even naturalistic reflects the unique atmosphere of the Wild West. You can help people or, on the contrary, squeeze the last penny of them. You can defend others or become a merciless and hired murderer yourself. Set up camp, wander alone, or gather similar vagabonds to create a gang of fear in the area. Travel, fish, shoot, run away, become a moonshine maker or a naturalist, in a word – do whatever you want to make your life on the American border. And most of all – survive.

Five specialized roles are available to players, in which they can experience unparalleled adventures. A great option, for example, is to play as a bounty hunter and pursue legendary bounties – that is, hunting legendary villains who are very difficult to capture/kill, but also the reward for such a feat is much more significant. A series of fictional cooperation missions has also been prepared, during which we will be able to help the widow to take revenge on her husband's killers. In addition, we can also have fun in confrontation modes, free play, and use many other attractions. Rockstar Studio offers the player an extremely rich, gigantic world, where everyone will find something for themselves.

Key features

  • A brutal world where you can become whatever you want.
  • Open land that guarantees unprecedented freedom of choice.
  • A growing community to compete with.
  • A wide variety of weapons and equipment to find and use.
  • The unique atmosphere of the Wild West.

Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Red Dead Online (Xbox One) – Xbox Live Key – ARGENTINA. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Red Dead Online (Xbox One) – Xbox Live Key – ARGENTINA may change over time.

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