Real Heroes: Firefighter HD (Xbox One) – Family Group Gift – ARGENTINA


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Charging head first into danger is all part of the job description!?In this thrilling first-person fire and rescue action game, players take on the heroic role of a firefighter whose team is sent to a series of difficult fires throughout Los Angeles. As a newly recruited cadet, learn the tools of the trade, battle massive fires, and rescue potential victims at a variety of exciting locations including a high rise building, a malfunctioning tech lab, and an amusement park. Real heroes face danger head-on to save those in peril 每 do you have what it takes to become one?

Real Heroes: Firefighter HD

Key features

  • Fight through the fires using real tools; Hose, Axe, Mechanical Separator, Extinguisher, Halligan, Deck Gun, and more.
  • Dynamic fire effects that realistically spread throughout the environment.
  • Play through career mode with over 8 levels and locations.
  • All-Star Hollywood voice cast including James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Jack McGee (Rescue Me), Michael Jace (The Shield), Jamie Kennedy (Ghost Whisperer), and Jenette Goldstein (Aliens).

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