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Not For Broadcast is a propaganda simulator developed by NotGames and published by tinyBuild. In this full motion point and click video game it is you who decide what to put on the national TV. You will be responsible for all the information that comes on air. Not For Broadcast is a renowned indie game that has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both players and game critics.

Welcome all of you sitting in front of your TVs. This is the National Nightly News coming to you live from our studios. Thanks for joining us in this full motion adventure full of the latest news, political propaganda, strong emotions and more! Enjoy the story driven experience of a studio director as Alex Winston and control everything that goes live as we all well know that the most important is how you convey the message, and not what really happens#


Broadcast days

Decide what to put on air as the main protagonist, Alex Winston. Use all the tools available to bleep out inappropriate language, to add sound effects or to censor any profanity! Receive feedback from your audience and keep up with the good work. Do not let anyone interfere with the broadcast or else it will be impossible to spread propaganda. You will also be able to choose advertisements that will be put on air during the program.

Not For Broadcast

Non-broadcast days

As a normally working person, Alex Winston has a family of his own. You will face ordinary problems and your choices will be influenced by what has been put on air. Each decision matters and will affect the family's everyday life. Shape the world around you and live with the unavoidable consequences!

Key Features

  • Enjoy the immersive, narrative-driven adventure of a studio director controlling all that goes on air
  • Keep your audience entertained and edit the broadcast as you wish
  • Censor everything you consider inappropriate or profane
  • Have the control over the headlines and other people's public image
  • Watch it all and learn the truth about the reality in which you happened to live

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