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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is a remastered version of the legendary RPG, developed and released by Beamdog in 2018 on Steam. This multiplayer title is a classic role-playing game based on the rules of the Dungeons & Dragons, featuring the lands and story of this evolving universe. Discover the enhanced features of your favorite Neverwinter Nights gameplay and enjoy the additional content of improved visuals and DLCs from Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Edition.

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Story campaign content

Neverwinter Nights storyline – Create a character and venture into a D&D-inspired fantasy world to join the ultimate battle against the mysterious plague. Start your grand adventure in Neverwinter and complete quests to gain popularity and experience. The growing evil slowly consumes this beautiful land, and it is only up to you how its fate will unfold.

Shadows of Undrentide DLC – Travel to the mysterious city of Undrentide and discover the mystery of its fall. Explore ruins, collect artifacts and fight powerful enemies. Discover pieces of history and see how the desire for power encouraged the destruction of magical metropolises.

Hordes of Underdark DLC – The darkest creatures join forces and prepare to attack. The target is Waterdeep, and the city has no chance of defending itself. Start an investigation to uncover the reason for an unexpected alliance and defeat the most powerful foe leading the hordes of your mortal enemies.

Improved Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition features

In addition to the engaging plot, the title features many improvements designed for the community of fans and mod developers. From now on, your Neverwinter Nights experience will instantly proceed to the next level of fun! Adjust the settings to the selected resolution and enjoy sharp images and lively shadows. It's your favorite fantasy gameplay in the graphically best version!

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Want to design something of your own? The developers have provided players with unique tools for modifying the gameplay. Create your ideal scenarios, design adventures, transform the environment and share your creativity with other players. This feature works perfectly with the possibility of playing as a Game Master in multiplayer. The title is also fully compatible with older versions and full of community improvements, personalized gameplay, and content created by players.

Key features:

  • Play the enhanced edition of Neverwinter Nights with new features and two DLCs included
  • Boost your adventure with extra hours from two expansions
  • Try out the new gameplay modding and crafting features
  • Enjoy backward compatibility
  • Have fun with tools designed for modders, Game Masters, and the entire fan community

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