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Hit the gas pedal and let adrenaline flow through your veins as you race across the street-art-stylized city while evading the cops! Need For Speed Unbound guarantees fast-paced action-packed fun that never hits the breaks! Climb your way from bottom to top, and save money to enter more advanced competitions until you take part in The Grand, Lakeshore's ultimate race. It's a must-have game for any racing fans, providing excellent gameplay, the story mode for both single and multiplayer and a ton of customization options and other features!

Need for Speed Unbound

Welcome to Lakeshore

You'll be driving and competing in Lakeshore, an amazing city that blends unique street-art style with some of the most realistic-looking cars you'll ever see in a video game. Your ultimate goal is The Grand, an ultimate race that every respected driver wants to take part in. But reaching the top ain't easy. You'll not only have to compete against other drivers but also look out for the cops


To reach The Grand you'll have to get through the weekly qualifiers and to do that you'll need money. So you have to act fast and figure out the best way to earn it. If you're ready to put it all on the line you can place bets against other drivers or outdrive the cops. But you gotta be careful! The ever-vigilant policemen tend to be rather insistent in their pursuits, so you must be careful and outsmart them. With a unique escape mechanic present in NFS Unbound you'll have several options from simply outrunning them to hiding in Lakeshore's underground.

Need for Speed Unbound

But it's all about style in the end! Express yourself however you want with total freedom of choice! With exclusive gear from some of the world's best pioneering fashion innovators, you can shine like a star, and your ride can become a true legend among drivers in Lakeshore thanks to unique wraps and cutaways!

Key features

  • Unique and intriguing street-art style of surroundings and characters
  • The most realistic-looking cars in the series yet
  • Story mode for single and multiplayer
  • New escape system that makes police chases even more exciting
  • Dozens of customization options for both the player character and their cars

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