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My Time at Portia is a sandbox RPG game developed by Pathea Games, released by Team 17. The game is a third-person perspective (TPP) simulation of countryside life. The player takes the role of a young craftsman who arrived in the eponymous small town in order to start a simple, happy life and become a member of the cheerful society of Portia.

Sandbox structure of the game allows players to explore the world freely and decide what they want to do in a specific moment. The game is set in a happy, post-apocalyptic reality. People managed to put themselves together and forgot about the grim past. Citizens of Portia are incredibly optimistic people who scavenge the remains of the once destroyed world in order to live happy, casual life. My Time at Portia offers a number of diverse activities and certainly, everyone will find something for himself.

My Time At Portia

Simple and addictive gameplay mechanics

At the beginning of our adventure, our character comes into possession of a small, neglected workshop. In the said workshop, we can create a variety of different things for sale or personal use. While we progress, our workshop will slowly develop which will result in higher earnings and more interesting tasks to fulfill. The game to a great extent focuses on a crafting system. In order to create a certain object, we will have to gather the necessary resources and combine them.

Eventually, players will get access to more advanced tools which will enable them to gather new types of resources. It is worth to mention, that big jobs will affect not only your wallet but the whole town. During the gameplay, players may also explore a number of complex dungeons, where they will have to encounter some enemies. While completing certain activities you can level up your character. Depending on your preferences you can increase your abilities concerning crafting, combat or social skills.

My Time At Portia - The Game


The production developed by Pathea Games received a good score on Steam Platform. Simple, yet broad crafting system and enjoyable gameplay have met with warm welcome among the gaming community. Sandbox structure makes My time at Portia incredibly addictive and relaxing form of entertainment.

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