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Monster Hunter Rise is an action role-playing game pitting players and their animal companions against giant rampaging monsters. Gear up, study the beasts you*ll be facing, and master your vast arsenal of weapons to have a chance against the monsters.


The premise of Monster Hunter Rise gives you, a freshly promoted hunter the task of protecting a small Kamura village from the Rampage, a catastrophe sending enraged monsters through the region every few decades. Faced with this challenge you have to not only assemble your own arsenal of weapons but also aid the village in preparations and find the true cause of the Rampage before it*s too late. The mighty Magnamalo is just a taste of challenges you'll face once the Elder Dragons join the rampage.

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Like all games in the main Monster Hunter series, MHR is at its heart a boss-rush game, because every large monster is a boss fight in its own right. Combat can be spectacular, but don*t be misled by the flashy moves and visual flair: monster can and will wreck if you don*t play smart and careful. There*s a reason Monster Hunter inspired Dark Souls.

You also don*t have to be alone on your hunts. In addition to four-player multiplayer, even when you*re hunting solo you can have the assistance of a Palico, an anthropomorphic cat warrior. Monster Hunter Rise also introduces Palamutes, big, friendly dogs who not only can serve as your mounts but also aid you in battle. Both companions even have their own armor sets and weapons!

To succeed at MHR you*ll also need to master the wirebug system, which not only serves as a grappling hook during exploration. These useful beetles provide you with new special weapon moves, and can even bind a monster, briefly turning it into a powerful mount.

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PC port enhancements

While MHR originated on Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter Rise PC features 4k resolutions and uncapped framerate resulting in crisp graphics and smooth animation. There are also robust graphical settings that make the game friendly even to older or slower machines. Meanwhile, if visual flair is what you*re after, the PC version also features several cool filters which can give your experience a certain cinematic quality.

Key features?

  • Tons of weapons across fourteen distinct types
  • Dozens of cool-looking and highly dangerous monsters for you to slay or capture
  • Satisfying map exploration thanks to the new wirebug system
  • MH Rise on PC features enhanced graphics, including 4k resolutions

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