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Maneater is an action role-playing game released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2020. In the game, the player takes control over a Bull Shark that has to survive in the changing environment and get revenge on those who get in his way.


Maneater Gameplay

As the player, you take control of the shark and assume the view of the third-person perspective. You start up as a baby shark and your goal is to make your revenge on the fisherman Scaly Pete who specializes in shark hunting and killed your mother additionally leaving some scars on your body.?In Maneater?game, you have a guide in the form of a voiceover that provides you with knowledge about the surrounding world, game mechanics as well as the shark itself. The shark has few basic attacks that can prove useful such as, jumping out of the water, whipping the tail to stun the enemies and charging for additional damage. You can also make use of the surrounding environment and for example, use swordfish as a spear with the throwing mechanic by using your tail.

React to the environment

As the shark, you can freely explore the open world which comprises seven different regions. Wherever you swim you can choose to do side quests specific to the particular location. In each region, you have to watch out for alpha predators that can kill your shark, but if defeated will grant benefits and speed up the evolution. If you will be able to defeat the alpha predator in a given region, which may include, giant squids, killer whales or alligators, it can help you earn some special skills. You have to take notice of what you do because the environment will react, for instance, if you kill a lot of people, the special bounty hunters will be sent to hunt you down and kill you. However, if you kill the ten main hunters of the game you will receive additional rewards.


Grow stronger

In order to grow and evolve the shark needs to eat the aquatic wildlife sometimes fighting more dangerous species. Eating other animals will grant you nutrients as well as some mutagens that can help you develop mysterious effects. Your ultimate goal is to evolve and become the most powerful, terrifying and vengeful creature on the coast.

Key features:

  • Evolve and get upgrades to become the most feared hunter on the coast;
  • Take your revenge on Scaly Pete for killing your mother and scarring you;
  • Eat, grow and kill to get stronger and to take on deadlier opponents;
  • Explore seven different regions and kill the alpha predators lurking in the deep.

Make choices and decide what will be your reputation and wait for the reaction from the surroundings.

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