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Mafia: Definitive Edition?is an open-world TPP action-adventure game, developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K Games. The game is an HD remake of the original Mafia 1 title for the current generation of gaming hardware. The game follows the story of Tommy Angelo, a taxi driver in the fictional city of Lost Heaven. After his path crosses with the Salieri crime family members, his rise to prominence as a gangster begins.??

The gameplay of Mafia 1 focuses on carrying out missions for the members of the Salieri family and their associates. The remake incorporates various mechanics of the original title, including the Free Ride mode, which allows the player to explore the city and carry out various side-missions, such as taxi driving and racing.?

Mafia 1 Remake

Gameplay old and new?

Thanks to the power of modern hardware, Hangar 13 managed to bring their A-game to the classic gameplay of Mafia. Most of the mechanics remain the same as they were almost 20 years ago – the player is tasked with carrying missions for their new family, which often involve climactic shootouts and car chases. The developers added several new mechanics, including a separate Free Ride mode. Unlike the story mode, which leads the player from mission to mission, Free Ride allows the player to explore the city as they please, carrying out various side missions and engaging in other activities.?

Lost Heaven welcomes new residents?

One of the things carried over from the original game to the remake is the location. Lost Heaven is based on the 1930s Chicago, a city known for its criminal activity during the period of the Great Depression. The player will be able to explore it and its surrounding areas on foot or in various, period-accurate vehicles, including cars and motorcycles. thanks to the updated graphics engine, Lost Heaven looks even better than it dead 18 years ago – the streets are filled with pedestrians going about their day and reacting lively to the player's activity.?

The tale of Tommy Angelo?

In the 1930s, the Great Depression gripped the nation in its ruthless fist, squeezing all the hard-earned money of the working-class Americans. To provide for their families, some of them turned to the life of crime. Tommy Angelo used to be a taxi driver in Lost Heaven. Like many others, his meager earnings weren't enough to support his wife and children. After a fateful meeting with the members of the Salieri family, one of the most powerful mob families in the city, his life takes an unexpected turn. But Tommy will soon learn that living the life of a gangster has its price and that the family must come first, no matter what.?

Mafia Definitive Edition


Mafia Definitive Edition game was met with a highly positive critical reception. The critics were full of praise for Hangar 13's ground-up work in remaking the classic. The new mechanics, based on the more contemporary installments of the series, were also noted as a positive. But above all else, the game was praised for the nostalgia factor – bringing back the fond memories from 18 years back – and reintroducing one of the best-written stories to ever grace the gaming entertainment to the new generation of players.?

Key features:

  • Return to the streets of Lost Heaven and reinvent your impoverished life as a member of the mob
  • Prove your loyalty to the Salieri family and carry out missions on their behalf?
  • Rise up in the family hierarchy, from a bottom-feeding mook to Made Man?
  • Explore the 1930s city of Lost Heaven, full of life ad activities to partake in?
  • Try out new gameplay modes, including improved Free Ride and Noir mode?

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