Little Nightmares I & II (Xbox Series X/S) – Family Group Gift – ARGENTINA


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This collection of two Little Nightmares games will introduce you to a lovely, frightening and iconic puzzle-platformer series, starting with the original from 2017. Multiple awards and praise from critics have proved that Little Nightmares is definitely a must-play title.

Little Nightmares I & II

Little Nightmares I – ※The Pioneer§

  • In Little Nightmares, help Six escape The Maw, a vast, mysterious vessel inhabited by corrupted souls looking for their next meal! Go beyond Six story and dive deeper into The Maw with the additional story included in the ※Secrets of the Maw§ downloadable content.

Little Nightmares II – ※The Perfect Sequel§

  • The distant humming transition of Little Nightmares II is calling. Together with Six, help Mono discover the dark secrets of The Signal Tower and avoid the terrible Residents of this world.

Embark On An Award-Winning Adventure

Enjoy an unsettling adventure that you will never forget. Outsmart the Residents, explore twisted areas and try to escape the nightmare. From the Maw to the Pale City, stay on lookout for the wicked souls who hunt you while you try to make sense of this world.

Little Nightmares I & II

Rekindle Your Childhood Wit

Reconnect with your inner child and stay out of harm*s way. Each room is a cell, each Resident a threat, and both are puzzles to untangle. Hide and sneak from danger and climb for safety to escape the chasing monsters or grasp your courage and nearby tools to fend off your tormenters.

A Unique Aesthetic

TARSIERS Studios have created an immersive world of great subtlety and outstanding sound design. Navigate through detailed landscapes, disturbingly familiar places, and beautifully rendered scenery.The soundtrack ranges from quiet ambient pieces during the exploration sequences to industrial, chaotic and nightmarish compositions during intense chases. The result is surreal and ethereal while remaining familiar 每 like the visual universe of Little Nightmares.

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