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Life is Strange: True Colors (祑汜) is the third installment in the Life is Strange series, created by Deck Nine Games and released by Square Enix Europe. The game was released on 10 September 2021 and has received exceedingly positive reviews from both video game critics and players. Life is Strange 3 keeps up with the previous installments of the franchise in the realm of reception, popularity, and the quality of gameplay. However, in contrast to its two predecessors, this game was released in its entirety at once.

What to expect?

Get prepared to meet our next female protagonist, Alexandra Chen, wielding supernatural powers. This new everyday heroin will have to find enough strength within herself to overcome real-life challenges, to influence relationships and emotions. Take delight in the psychic powers of empathy. See colorful auras of others, get to know how they feel, absorb and manipulate their feelings to your liking!

Life is Strange: True Colors


Life is Strange: True Colors is a beautiful third-person adventure game with charming artwork. You will explore various locations in Haven Springs, a fictional location in Colorado as a female protagonist, Alex Chan. With no need to wait, enjoy all 5 chapters immediately after the purchase. Walk around the town freely, get a feel for the location and meet the residents. You can go off the beaten track and reveal even more information on the backstories of certain characters, which can later be found in Alex*s journal. Read it to learn more about Alex, to see her point of view, and to enjoy new songs which she progressively writes.

Power of Empathy

After Alex*s tumultuous childhood, she finally reunites with her brother, Gabe, and moves into Haven Springs in Colorado. Get to know locals and their stories, observe their emotions and determine in what way you want to help them. As Alex, you can dredge up all the ugliness from their past. Whenever you move throughout the village, you'll notice that everyone may have a powerful kaleidoscopic aura.

Life is Strange: True Colors - Empathy

The mystery behind the death of Alex*s brother

Reveal the truth and get to know what really happened to Alex*s brother, Gabe. You will find the powers of empathy really helpful as they show more than meets the eye. Gain the trust of people involved so as to convince them to say something that can get you closer to the truth. To form ties and demonstrate your trustworthiness, you'll need patience and a positive mindset. The narrative will definitely keep you on tenterhooks!

Multiple endings

As in previous installments of the Life is Strange franchise, there isn*t just one way to end your story. During your walkthrough, you will make even more choices than ever before. Be cautious, since even the smallest decisions may have a significant influence and completely alter the outcome of Alex*s future.

Life is Strange: True Colors - protagonist

Customize your looks

For the first time in the series, there is a possibility to change the clothes of the protagonist. Choose your own clothes by interacting with the dresser in Alex's apartment. Decide on her style and empathize with the main character even more.

Key features

  • The game has already been released in its entirety, don*t wait and hop into the story you will never forget.
  • Visit beautiful Haven Springs, a fictional town located in Colorado. Meet the locals, talk to them and take delight in this graphicly charming adventure.
  • Wield the power of Empathy and see for yourself how others feel.
  • Find out the truth about your brother*s mysterious death.
  • Customize Alex*s clothes.
  • Listen to beautiful music from Novo Amor, Phoebe Bridgers, Gabrielle Aplin, and others.

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