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Lego Brawls is a four-player multiplayer action platformer game similar to Super Smash Bros. It's the kind of game that will bring an insane amount of joy and fun to both people who play with their friends as well as those who want to cooperate with other players on the internet. First, you build your own Lego brawler, who you can customize both in terms of their appearance as well as abilities. Then it's brawl time! Fight other four-man teams on amazing Lego theme maps for control. The amount of variety of characters and maps alongside enjoyable gameplay will prevent you from growing bored for a long time, no matter if you're playing alone or with strangers!

LEGO Brawls

Build your brawler…

True to Lego's spirit, before you start playing, you need to build! In this case, you're building your own Minifigure hero brawler. And boy, does Lego Brawls gives you the options to customize them. Perhaps you have a fondness for pirates? Or you've always been a fan of knights? Maybe crazy cactus warrior is something more your style? You can go as crazy as you want and give your brawler a truly unique personality and appearance.

The customization doesn't end on appearances. You're free to choose your fighter's weapons, set of skills and crazy power-ups. Even here, the lightheartedness and casual approach are prominent. The fun is always a priority!

… and brawl!

And speaking of fun, what's better than a good brawl? The main gist is that there are two four-player teams that compete to dominate a point on a map. The key to victory is good cooperation with your teammates. The brawls take place on some of the most recognizable Lego-themed maps. Thanks to diverse settings and the unpredictable nature of multiplayer brawls, the game feels fresh each time you play it. What is even more fun is that besides a cross-play option, you can even play with your friends locally on split-screen!

The game also offers additional game modes with unique win conditions as well as global leaderboards to spice up the competition!

LEGO Brawls

Key features

  • Minifigure hero customization with many crazy and creative options
  • Cult Lego themes as battle arenas
  • Online and local multiplayer with shared and split-screen
  • Global leaderboards to compete with other players
  • Lighthearted gameplay and crazy Lego humor

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