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King's Bounty 2 is the continuation of an RPG game with strategic elements, originally released in 2008. The sequel had its premiere in August 2021 and was developed by the creators of the first game, 1C Entertainments. In the game, players will step into the role of one of three heroes, who travels the fantastic world.

The game puts a strong emphasis on the player's decisions that will affect the story and the virtual world. Besides many new gameplay mechanics and features, the visuals of the game have been significantly improved since the first installment of the Kings Bounty series, as the developers used Unreal Engine 4.

Story Background

The action of the game takes place in a fantasy world called Antara. Outskirts of this realm are bothered by a mysterious, devastating plague affecting, people, animals, and plants. Thousands of terrified refugees escape to the kingdom of Nostria, in order to save themselves from unavoidable doom. Unfortunately, after years of prosperity, the realm is at the brink of civil war. The player takes on the role of one of three heroes, whose decisions will shape the fate of the kingdom.

King's Bounty II protagonist

Gameplay and mechanics

Kings Bounty II is a tactical RPG game, where the gameplay is divided into two different stages. During the first one, players will explore the game's world observing the action from the third-person perspective. The game features 3 different main characters, each with unique personalities and original stories.The Player's decisions play a significant role during the campaign – depending on the way we act, the world around us will change and NPCs will treat us differently. Some of our choices may even change how the main story plays out. The game is full of moral dilemmas, as well as diplomatic mechanics where players will have to shape a relationship with a certain faction or city.

King's Bounty II

The second element of the gameplay focuses on tactical battles with encountered enemies. The combat is turn-based and highly tactical. This part of the gameplay reminds the one known from the previously mentioned Heroes of Might & Magic series. Players have to strategically use their team to beat their enemies.There are a number of different types of units, each with individual statistics and roles. Battles are much more interesting in comparison to the first game of the series. For instance, players can now use the shape of the terrain to their advantage and use much more commands for their party members.

Key features

  • Take part in an epic story, full of magic and fantastic creatures
  • Change the fate of the kingdom
  • Choose your hero and gather a strong party to fight your enemies
  • Use your tactical skill to win every battle
  • Use your tactical skill to win every battle
  • Discover plenty of new gameplay features

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