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According to its authors from Warhorse studios, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the first RPG game from Dungeons & No Dragons genre. Yes, you read it right. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a RPG game which action takes place in the Middle Europe during 15th century. Instead of fighting with dragons or orcs, you will stand against European knights, lords or even angry peasants. If you are tired of magic and fairy tales, then check if you will be able to handle a brutal and dark Middle Ages era.

You are… not a hero

Remember when in various RPG games, you were a hero? A chosen one who is supposed to save the planet from danger? Well, not here. You are Henry, a typical son of a blacksmith who only wants to continue the family tradition. Several years before the Bohemian wars, your village is pillaged by a hostile army. You swore the revenge, however your travel will be long. As a son of a blacksmith you are as normal as you can be. You will be forced to travel through a few European countries and participate in many battles. Only then you might find a chance to hunt people responsible for your family*s demise. The only problem is if you are going to survive long enough in such hostile environment?

Kingdom come:Celiverence

A complex character development model

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is not a fantasy RPG; thus, you are not going to be provided with various statics like magic skills etc. You will be able to develop Henry in only a few different areas like fighting, bard abilities or stealing. You can improve your skills by using them. However, thanks to various teachers and books which you can read, you can accelerate the process. During the game not only, you have to care about polishing your skills, but also about regular meals and sleeping. Yes, you are only a human so without proper sleep and food, you won't last long in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


Participate in long and brutal sieges

As an army soldier in Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PC), you are going to participate in many battles, some of them are sieges where your general is going to try to retake the fortress to increase his influence in the region. Here, you will see that you are only a small part of a huge war machine. Do you think that together with other soldiers you will be able to retake the castle? Or will you be another dead soldier whose blood is going to be soaked in by the battleground soil?

Key features:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a fresh RPG game without heroes, magic and fairy tales. Here you deal with only three things: yourself, your skills and your enemy. Adapt to this harsh environment or die remembered by nobody.

Game Features

  • A huge open world of Middle Europe – During your adventure, you are going to visit many European countries.
  • Stand against a harsh and brutal environment – Not only you are treated like a joke most of the time, but also being a good person might backfire. People just want to survive during the conflict and if they find out that they can deceive you, they will.
  • Finish many quests in various ways – In the whole game, you can win without killing anyone. It is up to you how you are going to solve each problem
  • Participate in massive battles – As Henry you will be one of many soldiers, standing against enemy forces in various skirmishes. A realistic model of sword fight is going to force you to carefully calculate each action in order to defeat your enemy. A single clean hit can kill you.
  • Take part in castle sieges – A medieval story cannot be considered a good one without sieges. Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers you a lot of castles and fortresses to besiege.

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