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Jurassic World Evolution is a business simulation game developed and published in 2018 by FrontierDevelopments. The game isbased on the 2015 Jurassic World film and features characters known from the franchise. The player is tasked tocreate and manage a park inhabited by different kinds of dinosaurs. The game features 40 types of reptiles, withgenetic modifications available to change their features. Gameplay includes a progress system based on fulfillingtasks given to the player by three divisions of the park. The game was received positively by the critics, whopraised the graphics and design of the dinosaurs as well as certain elements of the gameplay.

Lost World Gameplay

Like most of the business management simulators, Jurassic World Evolution tasks the player withrunning an theme park, where the main attractions are prehistoric reptiles. The game features a creation tool thatallows the player to alter theenvironment for the park site, including adding water sources and trees. The player starts with building anExpedition Center, from where archaeologists will be sent to find dinosaur DNA material in the dig sites all overthe world. Other buildable objects are related to park security and include Ranger stations, emergency shelters,storm warning centers and more.

Jurassic World Evolution - Park Simulator

Throughout the gameplay, the player will encounter random events. Bad weather conditions, power outage or evendinosaur breakout 每 the player will have to deal with those problems to keep the guests safe and entertained.Theplayer will also have to maintain their reputation with the park divisions: Science, Security, and Entertainment. Ifone of them becomes dissatisfied wth the player*s way of managing the park, they may try to sabotage it.

JWE features two distinct gameplay modes: Career and sandbox. In career mode, the player is tasked with building andmanaging dinosaur theme parks on the islands of Las Cinco Muertes. The sandbox mode is played on Isla Nublar, theisland known from the film series. There, the player can utilize everything they have unlocked in the career mode,adjust the weather conditions, etc.

Let*s make a dinosaur

The dinosaurs are the main attraction of the Jurassic World. The game includes 40 types ofthese mighty lizards, eachwith different statistics, like resilience, stamina, etc. The player creates a dinosaur by finding fossilized DNAfragments and bringing them back to Hammond Creation Lab. There, the animal can be bred and incubated. To alter thecharacteristics of the dinosaur, the player might combine the DNA of the dinosaur with the one of a contemporaryspecies. DNA splicing changes anything from the dinosaur*s statistics to its appearance.

Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution

Story of scientific progress

It*s your turn to carry on John Hammond*s legacy and bring the dinosaurs to the paying masses. On the archipelago ofLas Cincos Muertes you will create the most advanced theme parks in the world, hosting a range of prehistoricanimals. Build facilities and develop new species of dinosaurs to keep the people entertained. Be careful, though 每one wrong move and something might happen. And when it does, the shelters better be ready. This isn*t your gardenvariety safari, after all. This is Jurassic World.


Jurassic World Evolution for PC received favorable reviews from critics and players. Reviewers notedthe game*s learning curve,?making thingsmore entertaining in the first few hours, and the design of the dinosaurs. The players praised the game forimplementing flexible playstyle and challenges posed by having to keep different types of dinosaurs happy.

Key features:

  • 40 well-recreated dinosaurs species along with other iconic characters from the Jurassic World franchise
  • Well-adjusted difficulty levels, tailored to the players* preferences and experience
  • Original storyline and familiar setting which make the Jurassic World Evolution*s gameplay a unique piece of entertainment
  • Various game paths, focusing on science, entertainment, or security interests
  • High-quality, 3D graphic engine delighting with its carefully designed details

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