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Hunting Simulator 2 is the second game of a virtual hunting simulator game developed by Neopica and released on PC in July 2020. The game puts a lot of stress on presenting a realistic picture of hunting. Developers designed various immersive, and vast environments, with unique animal species characteristic for a certain region. The game features a detailed, high-quality graphic generated by Unreal Engine 4. To increase the level of immersion, developers put a lot of work into creating realistic, relaxing ambiance sounds accompanying players during hunts.

Gameplay mechanics

Hunting Simulator 2 is designed to deliver the most realistic experience during gameplay. Because of that, developers focused on presenting a very high level of immersion. The action of the game is presented from the first-person perspective. During hunts, players will have a chance to travel across huge environments, visiting Texas, Colorado, and even wild forests of Western Europe. The game features over 30 animal species, that players can track and hunt. It is worth mentioning that every animal has unique and very natural behavior. Additionally, some of them are extremely rare and can be encountered only in a specific environment, or time of the day, or night. During hunts, players must take into account many important factors – wind direction can warn animals about your presence, while bad weather will make looking for tracks much more difficult.

Hunting Simulator 2

When the player manages to track down his game and is ready to take a shot, it is worth keeping in mind not to damage the trophy. Speaking of shooting, there are over 160 pieces of useful hunting equipment, including famous brands like Winchester, Browning, Kryptek, Bushnell, or Verney-Carron. Besides weapons, the available equipment features useful hunting gadgets like wind powders or various lures that will help to attract certain types of animals. A big novelty regarding the previous installment of Hunting Simulator is the fact that now we can bring our own hunting hound with us. Players can choose from three different breeds of dogs (Beagle, Labrador Retriever, and German Shorthair), each with unique characteristics traits, and abilities.


The game received generally favorable reviews from critics and players. Players enumerated realistic tracking mechanics as one of the best features of the game. The immersive picture of nature and its inhabitants has also met with players' appreciation. According to many, Hunting Simulator 2 will satisfy most fans of the video games genre.

Hunting Simulator 2

Key Features

  • The ultimate hunting experience – embark on realistic hunting expeditions.
  • Variety of fauna – over 33 different species of animals.
  • Huge environments – visit deserts of Colorado, Texas, and wild, unexplored forests of Western Europe.
  • A wide selection of hunting equipment – gear up, browsing through popular hunting accessories, weaponry, and clothing.
  • Four-legged companion – now you are not alone, your faithful hound will help you find your perfect trophy.

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