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This time, the game takes players to the fictional American metropolis known as Los Santos. While creating the game world, developers largely took their inspiration from real-life Los Angeles. It is worth to mention that Los Santos was created on the basis of over 250 thousand pictures of Los Angeles and it's areas.


Grand Theft Auto V introduced a totally new, and innovative for the series way of storytelling which is presented from the perspective of three different characters – Michael De Santa, Franklin Clintion, and Trevor Philips. In the past, Michael together with Trever and few other partners were successful thieves, heisting the most secure places in the country.


Now, as the year past their ways have split. Michael is currently covered by the Witness Protection Program and lives a quiet life in his villa in sunny Los Santos. However, because of some unfortunate events, he destroys a house belonging to the most respected and feared drug lord in the whole city. To get a huge amount of money needed for repairing his mistake, Michael must renew his old contacts and once again step on the path of crime.


Because of the biggest innovation in GTA – which is introducing three different characters – players can freely change between them during the gameplay. Each of the characters has a different specialization, qualities, and their unique personal stories. During the gameplay, players will take part in various, mostly illegal, missions starting from simple car thefts and ending on complex and extremely risky heists.

GTA Online

In addition to the huge single-player experience offered by GTA V storyline, the game features a complex multiplayer mode known as GTA Online, in which players may compete in various different challenges, as well as cooperate with each other to complete high stakes heists which will often require a good plan and big amount of teamwork.


GTA V received extremely positive reviews among players and critics. Many people claim that Rockstar Games has created the best TPP action in history. A huge, diverse, and alive world, full of interesting places and activities will certainly attract many players for a long time. This game is definitely 'must-have' for every fan of action games.

Key Features

  • Engaging storyline, full of action, unique characters, and specific humor that is known by every true fan of the GTA series.
  • Gigantic metropolis of Los Santos and nearby smaller towns, filled with activities. You need a break from heists, take a walk on the beach, play tennis in your villa, or spent some time in an exclusive golf club.
  • Three main characters – for the first time ever, play through the whole story as three different characters.
  • Join thousands of players in GTA Online – compete in various challenges and take part in risky, high stakes heists!
  • Get a head start thanks to Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack and Whale Cash Card which will make the beginning of your adventure in GTA Online easier!

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