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A new take on the fan-favorite Arkham series is sure to pique the interest of any DC and Batman fan. The big twist is that the famous Dark Knight… is dead! Now it's up to his proteges to take up his mantle and defend Gotham City in his stead! Gotham Knights offers the best features of the Arkham series, like the stunning open world of Gotham city that you can travel by vehicles or acrobatic manoeuvres, satisfying rhythmic combat and stealth elements and spices things up by allowing players to play not as one but four different characters! It's an action RPG with an intriguing story, great characters and an amazing-looking open world. No Bat-family fan can miss it!

Gotham Knights


Gotham Knights* story kicks off hard with the death of non-other than Batman himself. After his demise, it's up to his family of current and former sidekicks to defend the city from ever-present criminals and supervillains. The team consisting of Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hodd will also have to face the shadowy organization of Owl Court and solve the mystery the death of Batman is a part of.?


Anyone familiar with the Arkham series will feel right at home. The core gameplay consisting of three elements: rhythmic combat, stealth and exploration of an open world has been enriched by RPG elements. Each character has a unique set of skills, abilities and even means of travel. For example, Red Hoods stands out in the group because his use of guns allows him to keep his enemies at a distance. But all of the Bat-family members have the same ability to dish out justice to the faces of Gotham low-lives.

Every playable character in Gotham Knights is a superhero in their own right and it's reflected in an RPG-like progression system. As the game progresses you'll unlock new features and absolutely badass equipment for each character that will elevate their crime-fighting abilities to a new level!?

And the best part is that you can experience all of it with a friend! Co-op multiplayer allows another player to choose another character from the group and accompany you on a mission or during free-roaming.

Gotham Knights

Key features

  • Engaging story with an intriguing premise
  • Four vastly different playable characters
  • Fast-paced rhythmic combat
  • Huge and atmospheric open world of Gotham City
  • Co-op multiplayer for two people

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