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Ghostwire: Tokyo is an action-adventure video game from 2022. Defeat deadly supernatural forces and save the city in this first-person paranormal escapade. The game is praised by its players for breathtaking visuals, atmospheric music and the enemy design.


This single-player adventure game will take you to the abandoned city of Tokyo. All its inhabitants have mysteriously disappeared and Visitors (unnatural ghostly spirits) have seized the opportunity and invaded the city. Become Akito, a man with supernatural powers, and defeat the horrors haunting Tokyo. Unravel the truth behind strange phenomena happening all around the city and get to know who is behind it all.

GhostWire: Tokyo

Spectacular visuals

You can explore the city and discover iconic Japanese landmarks such as Shibuya Crossing and Tokyo Tower. Enjoy next-generation technology and experience a beautifully executed weather cycle. Wander around the colourful city, listen to songs from abandoned businesses and immerse into this magical reality.


Fight ghostly spirits

While exploring the beautiful city of Tokyo, you will have to defeat different enemies inspired by Japanese folklore. Each Visitor has a unique combat style and different attacks. Find their weak spots and progress with this immersive story.

Use supernatural powers

In Ghostwire: Tokyo you become blessed with psychic and paranormal abilities and need to use them to defeat the ghostly spirits. Keep up with fast-paced and intense combat, and utilize your powers to harm the enemies or block their hits. Each fight will be like a festival of lights and colours!

Upgrade your abilities

Get into fighting, collect Yokai and upgrade your abilities. There are three skill trees on which you can work on. The Abilities skill tree that introduces new mechanics and abilities your character can use, the Ethernal Weaving skill tree that allows for more magical experience and the Equipment skill tree that increases the number of items you can carry.

GhostWire: Tokyo

Key features:

  • Eerie and unsettling atmosphere
  • Beautiful visuals and a possibility to explore iconic Japanese landmarks
  • Unique enemies with different set of abilities and mechanics
  • Wonderful music that adds up to the mystical atmosphere
  • Mysterious story
  • Complex skill trees which will make your gameplay even more diverse

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